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  1. I did the Mosby CAT it stopped @ 79 questions and said I have a 94% pass rate with a difficulty level average of 0.28 and when the test stopped the last question answered was at 0.34. I have been using Saunders to study content. How accurate are these Mosby results???? Please give me some feedback. Thank you in advance!!!
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  3. by   Chiefy
    I don't know how to attach a thread. But a while ago there was a thread going on this. Maybe if you put Mosby CAT into the search feature you will find it.

    Sorry not much help!
  4. by   blessed1702
    Thanks! I guess I need to know how many people have done the Mosby CAT with or without success on the NCLEX.
  5. by   RNKay31
    I really did not like the mosby, and I think it is outdated to.
  6. by   blessed1702
    Thank you for the info!
  7. by   tyler4806
    The Mosby is not outdated. Remember, the nursing content does not change only the questions do. The main purpose is to retain rationales so that you can apply them to other questions. You could purchase 100 books and study only one the right way and pass the NCLEX! THere is really no difference, just pick one and go for it!
  8. by   blessed1702
    Thanks for your input, you're right I probably need to know how to apply the information. I needed something CAT just to assess my weakness.?? It's hard to figure out because I felt confident the first two times I took the NCLEX! Their letter says "near passing standard" on the first and below in pharm the 2nd time? I only had 2 pharm questions so I must have missed them?