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Hello, I'm doing this for my wife. She is an LPN, finished her schooling 4 years ago. She's worked in Pediatrics ever since. She decided a while back, actually got offered this great job doing... Read More

  1. by   GracieLVN
    failing a test does not make someone "stupid". failing a test does not mean you will not be a good nurse. it doesn't hurt to try again.. this time, be organized. get an NCLEX review book (i recomend saunders). study the questions and rationales.. and aim to get 80% or better on the practice exams of each category. commit at least 2 hours entirely for the study of nclex.. pace yourself appropriately. get your priorities in check and i gaurantee your wife will pass her boards.
  2. by   deloveiest
    hi mary01 i know exactly how you feel the same thing hapoened to me and the best advicei can give you is to try this review book called the exam cram the isbn # is 780789732675 it was 30.00 from borders and you have to order it. it takes about one week to come. once again i am sorry that happened to you and i really don't wish failure of that exam on any one. i have to take it again myself.
  3. by   gentlegiver
    Years ago I took a class on test taking. I always froze up during exams even if I knew the information straight out! My teacher pounded into my head that I was to think that the test didn't matter (even if it did very much!) and that I could always retake it. Since I've adopted this attitude I have not frozen and passed all my exams ( even my NCLEX). I had a friend that didn't pass her NCLEX first time I kept telling her what my teacher told me, relax and just let your brain do the work. She did the 2nd time as I said and passed! Also, never correct an answer, your first answer is an educated guess, second guessing has always resulted in the wrong answer. As for the supervisor that said that, well, we all can see who's the stupid one here now can't we. Give lots of support and love. If you believe in her, that's all she really needs