PLEASE give me some encouragement:(

  1. I took my nclex for the 1st time last week, 1/31 to be exact and unfortunately, I didnt pass. I have talked to few of my family and friends who have been so supportive about this whole situation. They have given me words of encouragement and I REALLY REALLY appreciate them.
    But it is still difficult for me to get up every morning and then think about this challenge i am facing right now. It's hard for me to talk to my friends who have passed the nclex because they really don't know how i feel. It is also hard for me to think that my pay rate is now going to decrease because of not passing the test. I have so much things i wanted to do for my family (ie saving up to get a house built) but of course that is put on hold. I just feel so down and depressed I know that i just have to move on and not dwell on this and do what i have to do which is prepare for the next time i re-take the test.
    I guess I am just writing this to express what i feel and maybe hear more words of encouragement, tips, suggestions, etc. from you all. I have been reading posts on here and I really think that all of you are great!!!!keep up the wonderful and amazing things you all do to support each other
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    i just wanted to tell you how sorry i am that you didnt pass on the first shot. I'm sure you will do fine the second time around. maybe your nerves got the best of you! What book are you using for review? I used saunders and i have to say i think that book rocked! the interactive disc that comes with it, was the closest thing to the nclex i could imagine, event he questions and the way it was set up seemed that way to me when i went to sit for the actual nclex!
    anyway, good luck and keep your chin up!
  4. by   mom of three
    its could always try. I know of a few nurses who didn't make it the first time but succeeded with their second attempt.
  5. by   janrette
    its not the end of the world...stand up and go for the challenge again!!
    try and try and at the end, fulfillment is achieved..
    dont forget to pray...
    and smile will get off wrinkles!!:roll
    I understand how dejected and sad you feel. I would feel the same way. Give yourself time. See if you get on Suzannes study plan. The only way that you are going to get that house built is if you pass the NCLEX and start working.

    Remember to breathe.
  7. by   Leilah75_RN
    i feel your pain. i too didnt make it the first try. been depressed a while. been paranoid with everything around me. i sometimes think that people sees me as a noob, lazy, and and a moron. i couldnt look directly onto their eyes. my family life has been affected as well. blaming my hectic and ever so demanding kids and husband for what happened. until i realized that i am not helping myself. instead of enjoying my kids and my husband, instead of reviewing again, i became angry. and as i looked on the mirror, i see a different me. i gained weight, and i looked ugly. that is the time i said, u know what?i dont deserve to be like this, that i am a good nurse. that i did my best to pass nclex, maybe it just wasnt enough. my husband didnt say a word nor blame me about my failure. we are in deep financial crisis since he is the only one working. he pays the rent, his young brother's and son's everyday needs, pay child support for his ex wife eventhough the kid stays with us and everything that concerns the family. he told me, we had some money saved frm last month's salary, use it babe, submit the reapplication form. he told me not to think that by failing, i am worthless. he said that whatever happens, the family loves me so much. that even tho we as in crisis financially, cannot go and do stuff that we want, there will be a time that we can have those, maybe not now, but soon. study and pass nclex. when u pass, then you will be able to help me financially, if you dont , then try again... and my 5yo step son said, mama are we gonna buy a house when you pass? are we going to see snow when you pass? i just smiled. i am about to take nclex last week of MArch. hope i will be able to nail it this time.

    another thing that inspires me is when i found this site. i found people who understands what i felt, who is willing to share their experiences and give you pieces of advice. in this site i found more encouragements.

    dont think about other people. being depressed for the first few days is normal. try to be positive. go out of your room. start believing in yourself that you can make it. pray for guidance. your time will come and soon you will be an Official RN. dont loose hope. You are not alone.
  8. by   renri4
    :smiletea: yeah, they are right! me 2 i didn't pass on the first attempt. dont loose hope,try and try until we succeed that's my motto now:chuckle lol.
    so goodluck! to us,try suzanne plans i heard so much about here on this forum,you can find here on the top with sticky doing the first tip of her plan...
  9. by   Mrs.Nurse2b
    HEY TASHALPN2006, i used saunders, mosbys, and flashcards(don't know the name without looking at it) but i felt like i didnt study more than i should have so now i told myself that i will push myself to actually sit down and study more. I honestly think that i have a problem sitting down and focusing on what im doing esp studying, maybe an anxiety problem . I had this problem at school but i never really addressed it because i had thought it would go away but unfortunately as a result i didnt pass the test.
    Anyway, im planning on signing up in hurst review. ive heard wonderful things about it and i think this is my kind of review. i guess we'll see how it works.
  10. by   mom of three
    To LEILAH75....goodluck on your March exam.....
  11. by   CARE4PEDS
    You know- the funny thing about this exam is that sometimes no matter how well prepared you are, the specific test YOU got may have been the worst possible combination of questions for YOU. I was just speaking with the veteran nurses on my floor and they said that there are numerous nurses on the unit who didn't pass the NCLEX (some of them multiple times). AND, they stressed that these nurses are some of the absolute best RN's they have on the floor.

    The great thing about this forum is that everyone here understands how HARD the Nclex exam is. It is difficult for those outside of nursing to completely understand that, no matter how supportive they are.

    Hang in there. You can do it!
  12. by   Anjum
    I Just finished my nursing school back in december 2006 and now preparing for nclex. I can just imagine how hard it is for you right now but just remember every dark night brings another bright day. I know you can do this because you have a family who cares about you and all your friends from this website. Blessing to you, best of luck.
  13. by   Leilah75_RN
    Quote from mom of three
    To LEILAH75....goodluck on your March exam.....
    thanks so much mom of three!:flowersfo :icon_hug: