Planning to take nclex rn and lpn at the same time.. I need advice pls!!!

  1. hi i failed the nclex rn twice already and im planning to schedule for both NCLEX RN and LPN exam. im just thinking that maybe if ever i fail one of the test i could have like a fall back onto either of them... well im not a hundred percent sure i would pass either of the two, i could even fail them both... but i just wana take the risk i guess... or is it just a bad idea?:icon_roll ....and just in case, is there still a lot i have to review in the scope of LPN? ...and do you think my review for nclex rn can be applied to the pn exam? coz all i have here are rn books, i dont know if these r enough already. i just heard some ppl say, they focus on medications and pretty much they do the same things that rn's do except for initial assessments, IV meds, etc. ......... PLS. HELP!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Scheduling both in close proximity is not a good idea if you have failed in the past. Schedule the RN exam, concentrate on passing it. If you do not pass the RN exam again, and still want to do the LVN exam, then schedule the LVN exam and study for it separately. Good luck.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    PN and RN are different as will be the studying of the 2 exams. I would just concentrate of one (RN) and see what happens.