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I read the forum about the "PearsonVUE Trick"... ((not sure what is? look up the thread "pearsonvue trick")) I thought that this can't be true, but what have i got to lose. I read everyone's post... Read More

  1. by   chrissyg
    Went the full 265, and according to the "trick" I failed. UGH. I'm so heartbroken.
  2. by   nervouswreck1
    Quote from mike hawk
    i read the forum about the "pearsonvue trick"... ((not sure what is? Look up the thread "pearsonvue trick"))

    i thought that this can't be true, but what have i got to lose. I read everyone's post about it being successful and correct about 100 times, and reading about failing once (because they didn't have a ssn or something like that). Nonetheless it seemed 99% accurate, and it made sense to me why it would work. First of all, pearsonvue who administers the nclex has it graded after every question during the exam. Why would they not know your score after you have finished? I didn't try the "trick" right after, because i was unaware, but i tried it during the weekend.

    ((i took the test on a thursday in ca, and would find out results the following tuesday.))

    i went the full distance (265 q's) and was extremely worried and not confident at all. I knew i could've focused more and not go on facebook so much .

    I did the trick and was able to continue to the credit card screen, but didn't want to put my cc info to submit. I wanted to compare with other classmates the point at which the "prompt" appears telling you that you can't re-register. Unfortunately it appears prior to inputting your cc info.

    Long story short: i took 265 q's nclex... Worried... Read about pearsonvue trick... Tried it... Took me to cc screen... Failed!

    the positive: It eased the pain of knowing i failed.

    The negative: Job was lined up, gotta tell classmates i failed, gotta email the manager that i can't start on agreed date, gotta study another 45 days, gotta do all this over!

    super bummed in cali
    o emmmmm yeah fb is a killer lol lol lol
  3. by   nervouswreck1
    I didnt read your entire post until sorry to hear that, God is good, and you will pass never stop trying!
  4. by   jag123
    Hey Mike, hang in there. I took my test yesterday and did not feel so hot about it afterwards. You will certainly succeed the next time.