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  1. by   maya810
    The PVT worked, I passed!!!! When I left Friday I was 100% positive that I had failed. I tried the trick that same day and got the good pop up, now 2 days later it is official
  2. by   nevergiveup56
    I took nclex on july 22nd at 8am, after 158 questions I left the testing center at 12:10 pm. got home at 2:30pm tried the pvt, got the good pop up so far!!!!!!!!! hopefully I have passed.........waiting to see my name on the MA BON either monday or tuesday.
    so I guess you can try the pvt trick right away.
    and you're right prayer is powerful, I'll be praying for you that you pass be positive and take your time reading the questions and above all put your faith in God....
    You will suceed..........
  3. by   gatoraims RN
    I took my test Friday. PVT was tried about 2 hours after and I got the good pop up. My test was at 11:30 but I went in to make sure I had everything I needed for the test ID and att was all I needed. And they started my sign in early. I took the test had 85 questions and was out of there by 12. I have two more hours to wait to see if PV rapid results agree with the PVT.

    Good luck. I agree with the pp to take your time. I took deep breaths when I started to feel nervous or overwhelmed (like when I did not know the answer at all and felt I was getting too many of the answers I did not know at all).

    Sending you prayers and good luck wishes.
  4. by   NickD_EMTB_LPN
    Quote from NickD_EMTB_LPN
    I took my nclex pn yesterday (21 July) as well. I also got the error message while trying to register again. Tomorrow I will hopefully get my quick results and be back to report. This seems too good to be true...

    *fingers are crossed*


  5. by   Community_Health_RN
    I took the test on Friday and did the PVT using my phone in my car 10 minutes after walking out of the test center. I got the good pop up then and got my passing result from PearsonVue this morning. Good Luck!
  6. by   Hawkens
    I took the test on friday 22july at 2pm (Ohio if it makes any difference) and got the good pop up (finally) at around 8:30pm. When it shows up on the Ohio Nursing board and becomes official is anyones guess (and is driving me completely crazy waiting, damn weekend).
  7. by   StormyAnn, RN
    I took NCLEX on Friday, July 15th. My test started at 2pm and I was done by 3pm. I tried the trick at 3:30pm and got the good pop up!! Paid for the results 48 hours later and found out I passed!!
  8. by   Jakobsnurse1281
    Quote from StormyAnn, RN
    I took NCLEX on Friday, July 15th. My test started at 2pm and I was done by 3pm. I tried the trick at 3:30pm and got the good pop up!! Paid for the results 48 hours later and found out I passed!!
    Thanks everyone...I do have a quick question about the the paid results, is that the 7.95 that you can pay thruough PV? and if so, how long after you take your exam can you do that?

    Again thank you all. I am still so nervous, but learning that deep slow breaths is a must tomorrow.
  9. by   Hawkens
    When you log into PV it shows your test time and date and delivery successful it should also show whether you can or cannot at this time see/purchase the test results (my test from 22july currently does not have the test results available for purchase).
  10. by   SweetseRN
    I have conducting a poll using facebook in a secret group that includes all of my peers from school...The trick has worked for EVERYONE, 19 successful, 1 unsuccessful thus far. I just wanted to reassure anyone who is enduring the horrible waiting period for real results...The trick works! You just have to believe!!!
  11. by   LotusRN1972
    I cannot wait to do the PVT in August; I'm still waiting for my final BSN grades to show up to the good folks in Sacremento so's I can register w/ Pearson Vue. Still studying and practicing questions.
    This tread is AWSOME!!!
  12. by   caliotter3
    Good luck.
  13. by   StormyAnn, RN
    You have to wait 48 hours from the end of your test before you can pay the $7.95 and receive your quick results. The women told me before I left to check the website earlier as they could post before the full 48 hours but mine wasn't posted on PV until exactly 48 hours after I finished my test.