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  1. by   fenne831
    Quote from RN_Mom_of_2
    I had a ton of prioritization questions, the "which should the nurse see first.." I only had one or two infection control questions though. I was expecting some lab values.. but I didn't get any.
    I felt the same way! I wanted to write down all of the lab values, then they said that you can't "brain dump" on the dry erase board. I was bummed until I realized I was not getting any questions on lab values. They were all prioritization, SATA and a couple of infection control and med questions. Hopefully I passed. I took it today and I got the good pop-up.
  2. by   RN_Mom_of_2
    If you got the good pop up and it says "contact your member board for further assistance," you passed.. Congratulations. The trick really does work. If you had failed the test, it would have allowed you to go to the credit card payment page and allowed you to pay to register to take the NCLEX again.
  3. by   cliffordortiz
    Aaaahhhhhh !!!! Cant sleep well
    i take it i have to just wait for the envelope !
    Was a tough test coz got a lot of sata!
  4. by   cliffordortiz
    Kept getting a good pop up !
    Will certainly post here if i pass or fail :/
  5. by   cliffordortiz
    Hi rn mom
    im soooo anxious about my exam last 7th of june
    kept getting a good pop up and been tryin to re register but it says there to contact the board :/
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from rajkhan32
    Hey all....

    I just took it 4 hours ago...and was tough!

    I was just wondering about the "good pop up"....i went to pearson view site and it says "Ready for Delivery" under my status....

    when will it change to delivery successful???

    bc someone told me I can't try the good pop up until it says dilvery succesful

    anyone know?

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  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from rajkhan32
    Can someone tell me if this is good popup

    "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

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  8. by   RN_Mom_of_2
    After reading over 300 pages and almost 2000 posts on a similar titled forum, I have not seen ONCE that the trick was wrong. It is right 100% of the time. So congrats. You did it!
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Ashlee_RN
    I just took my NCLEX-RN yesterday at 1 pm, and have been checking the PVT constantly since taking the test and keep getting the "candidate has results on hold message". I had the min. amount of questions (75), and took like thirty-forty minutes to take the test.

    I have been going stir-crazy since taking the test, and am not even sure when my quick results will be availible (I'm in Iowa). Do they count Sundays? Will they be availible on Monday at 1p, or not until Tues or Wed? Or will they take even longer due to the hold? And has anyone gotten the hold message and still failed?

    Just looking for some help here
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  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from wannabrnkk
    I just got home from the NCLEX and tried the Pearson trick but it says that I currently have an open registration!! How long do I wait, and do I have to wait long??????
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  11. by   RN_Mom_of_2

    Most likely the reason your results are on hold is because you took less than an hour to take the exam. When you have the minimum number of questions and finish in less than 60 min, it flags the exam. It shouldn't take any longer than usual and if your state participates in quick results, it should still be ready within 48hrs. Keep checking it and I'm sure before long, you will no longer see the on hold. Good luck to you.
  12. by   RN_Mom_of_2

    The reason it says you currently have an open registration is because your test has not been transmitted to the BON yet. It probably says something like "ready for delivery." You need to wait until it says "delivery successful" before you can try the trick. Keep checking and good luck!
  13. by   Nursebyfaith~Rn
    Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Pleas contact your Member of Board for further Assistance.. Another Registration can not be made at this time.. Is This The Message that means you passed or not..