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  1. by   springybaybee
    I took mine on Nov. 23 in Oakland, CA..ugh the wait is agonizing!
  2. by   njinga413
    Ugh right! well sleep well- only 12 hours more.. goodluck!
  3. by   springybaybee
    hey njinga413, try checking name shows on the Board of Nursing website! Thought I would never see this day!! PVT definitely works! The first time I took the test, I got the credit card page and failed. This time, after I took the test, I got the good pop up and I passed!! Thank goodness
  4. by   Scooleybur
    I took the NCLEX and I bugged my family constantly because I was sure I failed the test when it shut off at 77 questions. I found out about the Pearson vue trick on all nurses website. So, I tried it. I got the good pop up and the next day I learned that I did in deed get my RN license. For those who doubt, I was the queen of doubting and found that the trick actually works.
  5. by   kyprincess
    I am here to say that the PVT does indeed work. I had a good pop up yesterday after taking the exam, and today my passing was verified by my state nursing board!!!! Believe it!
  6. by   axie
    PVT really works, i got a good pop up the day after my exam,i got the official result and thanks God i PASSED.It lessened my anxiety since i waited for almost a month,I'll be sharing this to my friends who'll be taking thier exam too,i cant believe I'd pass at 222 items.thanks to this site
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  7. by   LIZZIE1027
    LADIES!!!!!!!!!!! PVT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PASSEDDD NCLEX pn I just found out today i got my official results in the mail I passed my boards and I took the pvt test on november 12th did the so called "trick" a week later and got the good pop up! good luck to any of you still waiting, my prayers are with you signed....

    Elizabeth Torres, LVN!
  8. by   csupiphi
    I am going crazy!!!!!!!!! I have never taken such a harder test in my life! Mine shut off at 78. I didn't get any math and recieved drugs I didn't even know exsisted!! I tried the trick and it did not let me reg! These next three days will be torture!!! HELP!!!!!
  9. by   ford0605
  10. by   LPnicki4990
    Took NCLEX-PN today, heard about this trick a couple days ago, so I tried it a few hours after the test, after it said "delivery successful" and got the "GOOD" pop-up! I hate to get my hopes up until I know for sure! Hope this is for real, but I will find out in about 36 more hours!!!! I can't believe how many people have commented on this topic, I had never heard of it or any of my nursing friends! Will let you know if I pass!
  11. by   ford0605
    Less than 24 hours license number has just appeared!!! I'm an RN!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!
  12. by   finallyididit
    I took the test Dec 1, 2010. Searched and followed this topic for the past two days. I have to say that it definitely works. The last time I took it, I failed and I knew because I tried the PVT. Did the same thing this time and it worked. Found out this morning that I passed!!!!!!!!!!! For all of you that are skeptical, don't be. If you find yourself realizing you failed (getting to the cc page), don't give up if you believe in yourself. Study hard, as if you knew the material. Make a plan (realistic plan) and stick to it. The last time was the strike 3 so I had to take a review course. In the review course, the teacher wouldn't let us advance to clinicals unless we passed her test. After I passed that test and got back into the clinical setting after 15+ years, I started to believe. STUDY HARD!!!
  13. by   coconut666
    took the exam on Dec. 1, 2010. mine stopped at 75, i've heard about this long before i took the exam..and i tried it 4 hours after the exam.. man i'm so sad coz i was redirected to the Credit Card page.. i was still in denial but later this morning i checked my brn site.. man I'm so happy to find out that i passed.. i think this pvt doesn't work 100%?? what do you think????? oh well i'm a RN now!!! =)