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  1. by   greattobeRN
    so stick with this. You will pass.
  2. by   greattobeRN
    48 hours and 10 min since past and no quick result yet, it drives me just crazy. Is anybody knows how long it wil take them to post quick result, it says 48 hours and i am counting each minutes
  3. by   ynotony1966
    bsn4me you dont see your name on the bon site?
  4. by   pomegranate
    just took my NCLEX in Texas. it took me about 45 minutes and the computer shut off at 85 questions...I did the PVT and got the good popup just now, but I only took the NCLEX 2 hours ago. does it matter how early you try the trick or will I still keep getting the same result?
  5. by   ynotony1966
    make sure on the pv site that your test status is "delivered"
    if its says delivered and you are getting the pop up you good
    i have looked on a bunch of sites and all the posts and every one who has got the good pop up has passed including me
  6. by   greattobeRN
    I PASS !!!! The trick is 100% true. I am RN, I pass, YEA. Thank you GOD !!!! I got Quick result after 49 Hours
  7. by   mitchay08
    hope you pass.. i might apply to california though official result havent yet receive
  8. by   greattobeRN
    You passed, i just 100 % sure the trick works for all of my friends and me too. I am RN now, took exam on Monday at 2 pm.
  9. by   mitchay08
    wow congrats hope that you will help those unfortunate like me
  10. by   dahana
    Quote from Steph26
    Dahana that's the same thing that happened to me . I did mine on Monday and mine stopped at 100 and I tried the peasonvue trick and I got the good popup but when I looked it up at the Board of Nursing it says license pending, yeah I'm scared too. I hope this trick works, right now not sure.


    The trick really works!!So today I went to the State Board of Nursing and I put my information and it showed that i am a license nurse!!! and i also went to the application login which it still mention no license which i guess it doesn't make a difference!! So the good pop really works!!!
  11. by   mel_anne88
    i need to know if it really works everytime. i know a lot of people said PVT works for them but just to be assured if it's accurate all the time i posted this.

    i took the test last monday, nov 8 and i got a good pop up and yesterday til now i keep on checking ca bon site for the list hoping my name would be listed there but i havent seen it yet

    and i know it's not that long since i took the test but you too all know how it feels waiting for the official result right? again i want to know if anyone out there got a good pop up on PVT and yet got a failed official result. thanks
  12. by   Elohies
    Hi. I took my test on 10/27/10 and got the good pop-up. Even though PVT worked, I was still nervous; I HAD to see my name on the BRN website to be certain.
    It wasn't until 10/30/10 at 2am did my name finally show up!!!

    Check again later tonight, try checking at 2 am. Good luck to you!

    Btw, everyone that I know who got the good pup-up PASSED.

  13. by   mitchay08
    wow congrats, i took my exam yesterday a soon as i got home i tried pvt.. it says hold hold.. what ddoes it mean? then this morning on cc.. does it means i failed?