passed with 86

  1. I am sooo happy. I got my results today for the NCLEX-PN. When I took the exam, I thought it was sooo hard. I really don't think the study guides helped me much on the exam. I do however, feel that they helped me increase my knowledge & review things that I may have forgotten.(I know that may sound contradictory)---- My advice, get a study guide that helps with priority questions.-- for example: 4 different patients with presenting symptoms/complaints WHO DO YOU SEE FIRST? I swear that's alllllllllllll I saw. My Saunders & NCLEX incredibly easy did not prepare me for that type of question. I heard the Kaplain book has these types of questions in it.. I was never able to check it out. Take your time, think critically, and go into the test with confidence & I believe you all will do fine.
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    Congratulations new nurse!
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    Congratulations for a job well done.
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    Good job!

    (Just have to add my little disclaimer that the number of questions doesn't predict the pass/fail result.)