Passed NCLEX with 76 Questions!!!

  1. I thought I failed. I was getting so many select all that apply questions (which were all difficult) that it was ridiculous! (around 30). When I went past question 75, onto 76, I almost checked out. And then the computer screen shut off. I left, defeated.

    An hour after I finished the exam, I went home to do the "Pearson Vue Trick." It took me to the credit card page--I had no "good pop-up." I was mortified! However, people were telling me that I was doing it prematurely (had to wait at least 24 hours), that it was a glitch...and then others were saying that the "good pop-up" is 95% accurate that you've passed the test and had to appear before the credit card page (while others said they had the "good pop-up," only to realize later that they've officially failed!)...Still, others said that you have to hit the submit button after inputting all of your credit card information for $200 to re-register: if you get the "good pop-up" you've passed and also donated a non-refundable $200 to the BON. If the transaction went through, it meant that you failed.

    People were telling me all of these things, that our nursing program had such a high NCLEX pass rate (averaging 97%), that I was so smart, that I had passed the ATI comprehensive predictor with a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX the first time, that I was consistently strong on prior ATI tests and the NCLEX review course, that I never failed a course or made a C in a course...that I was a studyholic and one of the best nursing students...And I was still in the doldrums.

    Luckily, my state has "Quick Results," which is available to purchase for about $8 after 48 hours later (on the dot!). I waited in intense dread during those two days that I thought I would have been a mental patient! When I saw the huge "PASS" letters 5 minutes after Quick Results was available to me, I melted to the ground. ;-)

    76 questions I had. Not 75. Not 265. You hear a lot that people who don't get 75 questions usually fail, and that the chances are slimmer as the numbers get closer to or at 265.

    I feel for all of you who had to sit down and take all 265 questions, coupled with the nauseating dread of waiting for official test results (the post-NCLEX syndrome).

    Good luck to all of you waiting to take the NCLEX. Hope my story served as an inspiration!
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    Congratulations, welcome to the club
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    not true about 265, I know plenty of my classmates who went up to 265 and passed. I personally went into the 200's myself, sat at that dang computer for close to 3 hours. But thank god it didn't go all the way to 265, I thought I was going to die. You do the PVT when you check your email and get a confirmation email from Pearson saying that they acknowledged you took it. Rumor is that that e-mail is telling you your exam has been scored. Some people do it right away and depending on how busy they are, it might not have gone through the system yet, so they get the "bad" pop up. I did mine a few hours after the exam. I got the Pearson confirmation a few mins after I walked out of there, but I waited a few hour to try.
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    At 265, you have a 50/50 shot really. Don't believe the hype about the closer you get to it, means you are doing bad. It means that the computer has not decided pass or fail yet, and that is good. You are still in it and you still have a chance to pass. I know plenty of people that got more than 75, and quite a few that got 265 and all passed.