PASSED NCLEX second time with this study plan

  1. The first time I took and failed my NCLEX after 110 questions, I was shocked. I was a great student (all As a few high Bs). I did awesome in clinical. I studied all of May with Saunders and got 65% or more on all practice exams with Saunders. I burned out in June and only did 25qs/day and took nclex at the end of June and failed.

    Then I signed up again for the nclex and gave myself 3 weeks to prepare (I do better under pressure). I started by reading 50 pages of Kaplans Newest textbook 2013-2014 and I did 5+ chapters from saunders DAILY. After I finished Kaplan (but did NOT take the 2 full practice exams), I did 3 chapters DAILY from Priority and Delegation by LaCharity while I finished Saunders.

    The week before the test (on Friday) I took one of the practice tests from Kaplan on Monday. Studied La Charity Tuesday. I took the second practice test from Kaplan on Wednesday and relaxed Thursday (just reviewing the stuff I struggled with). I took the test on Friday and passed!

    Saunders: use for content. These questions ARE EASIER THAN NCLEX. Don't let that freak you out though if you start studying saunders first and don't know the answers to all the questions. Just read the chapters and do the chapter quizzes. The medication chapters are too in-depth. Focus on the meds that kaplan emphasizes (ABs, psych drugs, cardio, some pulm).

    Kaplan: VITAL TO PASS NCLEX. I failed the nclex the first time because I didn't know how to answer these type of questions, I KNEW the content. Kaplan teaches you how to answer nclex questions with a strategy. Questions are similar to NCLEX or harder.

    LeCHArity: VITAL to pass nclex. If you need delegation/prioritizing help...READ THIS BOOK. It's got questions that are harder than kaplans.

    FYI I passed nclex second time in 75 qs and thought it was easy.

    good luck!
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  3. by   stronger83
    Congrats RN!! That info is helpful, I am using the same books for my second time as well. I will be taking it next week, How did u feel about the sata? Was it hard and how many did u receive?
  4. by   RN2BEESOON
    CONGRATULATIONS! Did you do the Kaplan program or just the strategies book
  5. by   Illpassthenclex1stym
    where you from?
  6. by   avhoney
  7. by   ArrowRN
    Congrats, and thanks for posting your strategies.
  8. by   pilgrim192
    I just used the Kaplan book.
  9. by   Nikku
    Very inspiring I also believe that we must put pressure to study otherwise it will take month and month for nclex .
  10. by   bhumipatel2004
    congratulations n thanks for sharing.
    i am in same boat. taking first time in november.
    i ve saunders , kplan books only.
    gud luch to future test takers!!!