Passed nclex-pn - pvt works!!!

  1. so i took my nclex-pn last month.. and yesterday, finally i got the results in the mail. it took about almost 3 weeks. i was so happy and blessed! and to anyone who hesitate to do the pvt (pearson vue trick) i tell you, it does really works, ! hour after taking my exam i did the pvt and got the good pop up (our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time.') !!! good luck to everyone! finally, i'm a licensed lvn now!!!
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  3. by   cyberry
    What is the pvt method???
  4. by   Still Standing
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  6. by   Loramcclain
    It really does work!! I took my test on Aug 7, 2012 and within 3 hours I had the good pop up!!! All 3 of my co-LPN friends tried it and worked!!!!!
  7. by   Curiously_Inspired
    Woo hoo!! Congrats!!
  8. by   lilium1214
    What state are you in? Is this in california?
  9. by   Mariedj88
    congrt's, well i did nclex pn 3days ago i tried pvt trick it took me to cc page i keep trying everyday it still take me to cc page im so scared ths is killing me. i hope i ddnt fail i keep reading comments here most people fail when the trick take them to cc page and i only saw few comments people who pass even though the trick took them to cc page. im hoping for the best
  10. by   Rebeccalec
    Good for you!!! Congratulations!!!
  11. by   Dajuarezba
    Congrats. I just took the nclex pn yesterday. Test stoped 85qs. Had issues with pvt due to signing issues yesterday so I gave up. I was able to log on today and did the pvt and got the pop-up. I'm still stress because my ATT expired yesterday too, I don't know if it would even allow me to pay pv fees if I dint pass