Passed NCLEX - Foreign educated. 265 questions.

  1. hello,

    i passed the nclex!!! i have been a lpn in arkansas for over 15 years, and then i moved to australia in 2003. i enrolled at a university in melbourne, and completed my bsc nursing in dec. 2005.

    i just took the nclex in sydney on feb. 14th., and received my results from the ar state board (by snail mail) today!!

    i had all 265 questions, and they were sooooo hard, i just knew that i had failed.

    good luck to everyone taking the nclex.

    lava rn - australia and the usa !! :d
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    i know you studied hard!
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    thanks for the is such a relief to have that behind me.
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    what study guides/supports did you use prior to the exam.
    i am currently in brisbane applying to the US - CA.
  8. by   lavarn
    just in case this might help anyone else...

    i used kaplan to study; the book and the cd. i was getting frustrated with the questions, and getting a lot of them wrong.
    so, i decided to begin studying how to take the exam. kaplan's book is great for this...

    maslow's, abc's, safety, management...what is the question really asking, and how to find the answer. this really was the 'key' for me.

    good luck to everyone preparing to take the nclex, it's really not as bad as we make it out to be. remember to breathe during your exam, and take a break when you can.