Passed NCLEX at 75, friend did not.

  1. Hello fellow and future RN's! That's so exciting to say!

    Here's an interesting example of what the 75 means... My friend and I both took the test this week at the same time in the same location, and the test cut both of us off at 75. I passed, and she did not. Because everyone's test is built as you go, there is no way to statistically prove the 75 theory, other than it has determined with 95% accuracy that you either fall above the median for what you should know compared to other students or you do not. if you are within 2.5% either way, it keeps giving you questions until it achieves the 95% it wants.

    Yes, I was "cut off at 75" yesterday, and yes, I was an absolute basket case KNOWING that I could not have gotten enough correct at only 75 questions since they were so hard....but according to the State, I have a license as of today, so yippee!

    Cost of getting out of being locked in a dead end cubicle all day?..priceless!

    I thought I was never gonna get here! And now, NOW I can finally say the devil didn't beat me! hahaha! I win!
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  3. by   kr74079
    Congratulations on passing, better luck next time to your friend !!! Hopfully this Sept-Oct I will be posting that I too passed !! What did you use to study ?? Kaplin? Saunders? What would you tell us to study?
  4. by   dimplez
    Congrats to you....I know u are excited....Tell your friend not to give up and to try again....I did!!
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    congratulations!!!!! i agree. i took nclex last dec. Got 265 questions and failed. my cousin had 265 questions too and she passed.
  6. by   gRacie_307
    congratulations, anjann!!! new r.n.!!! :smiley_aa
  7. by   Anjann
    Getting ready for the NCLEX was the most mind-boggling task! How do you wittle down all of your notes and books and determine what to read?

    Finally, I decided to simplify my system, cause I was getting WAY too overwhelmed and wasting alot of time flipping pages instead of reading them.
    Please feel free to PM me regarding my NCLEX battle strategy. Please note that I can not and do not have specific test questions to share, but I do have a system I developed for myself based on my history of ADD, my trouble with procrastination and how I kept myself on track.

    There is a moderator in here also, Suzanne, who is a great resource and she has an NCLEX 6-week study strategy that she will send to you if you PM her. I'm sure she's alot better at it than I am, but I know what worked for me and got all of the bases covered.

    One word of absolutely helpful advice.... Saunders, Saunders,Saunders. It is a must if you want to pass. I already had my copy from school and it has been like the bible of nursing for me!

    Please feel free to PM if you are interested in my NCLEX study plan.

    Angela, R.N.!! That is SO COOL!
  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    that is sweet of you anjann. :spin: thanks for offering your help to everyone. Bless u.
  9. by   RNKay31
    Congratulations for job well done