passed NCLEX 04/08 stopped at 196

  1. took the nclex exam last april 8, 2009 just before the holy week, results came in today and passed... i want to share to those who will be taking the exams on how i did it...

    basically, i only have 3 weeks to study b4 I took the dad wont let me study on a review center he said its all just a waste of money. I did not go into all the troubles of having any comprehensive readings about the nursing subjects. Instead, what I did was to answer practice test questions a lot...and i mean a lot... did 200-300 questions a day....reading how the question and the rationale woks...they seem to have the same ummmm (im trying to look for the right word) pattern or tactics in tackling the questions....and you dont need to stop what you used to do everyday when you are reviewing...In my case b4 having my review I play computer games to set my mood up b4 studying...

    for me NClex is 50 percent knowledge and 50 percent 9prayers and luck) gudluck to all other nurses....
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  3. by   xaver101
    i hope i pass mine to.. i took it this afternoon huhu.. idid got 190+ questions also.. good luck to me.. =((
  4. by   xaver101
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! i hope i pass mine too.. i took it this afternoon... i also had 190+ questions... huhuhu GOOD LUCK TO ME!
  5. by   icelander44
    thanks xaver...I hope you also pass your exam...just pray
  6. by   xaver101
    Thank you.. yeah ill keep on praying and ill stay with him no matter what my verdict may be..
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    merged the 2 threads for continuity
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    thanks guys....