Passed my nclex!!! God is good

  1. Im not super active on this website, but i just wanted to let the world know i passed my nclex, and to god be all the glory and honor!!!
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Are you an LPN? RN? RN with a BSN? Any plans for the future past the celebrations? Already have a job lined up or some prospects? What time does the party start? Tell something!!!
  4. by   dotoriffic
    Congratulations!!! So happy for you!
  5. by   Lyna2nv
  6. by   stoseibo
    Rn bsn... And im going to church to party!!!! All the best to those soon to test..... Pray and study and do your best and let god do the rest because hes able the same god of abraham and joshua and david is the same my god and your god he is from everlasting to everlasting so have faith and believe that he brought you this far and is going to take you all the way amen and god bless everyone
  7. by   mercy elegbe
    Am so happy for u, I pray u rejoice wiv me soon too bcos av failed it once & am going for it again. God of Joshua & Abraham will perfect mine too ijn. Congrats
  8. by   nursearike
    Aww congrats ,I know that feeling
  9. by   jeanprz86
    congratz )
  10. by   canavycorpsman86
    Thanks for all the information on "PVT". I had not heard of it until today while researching for some comforting news after taking NCEX 3-days ago. I did get the good pop up and am now feeling a little more hopeful. I passed the NCLEX on my first attempt 23 years ago. I had been semi-retired for sometime and had to go through the whole process of relicensing again once choosing to come out of retirement. I studied for 6 months hoping to cover all of the critical areas. I can honestly that the NCLEX has changed dramatically in 23 years. The exam is complex and I congratulate all of you who have recently passed your Boards. Again, thanks for the information as it has taken away some level of anxiety while I wait to hear form State Boards with more certainty.
  11. by   NewGradRN77
    Glory Glory to God! Congrats! :-) Many blessings to you...I passed a few months ago..the journey is just beginning!
  12. by   bethlehem18
    Congratulations!!! God is really great
  13. by   Ambition13
    Congrats RN! May God continue to bless you
  14. by   pmabraham
    Congratulations. God is good if we pass or if we fail. Congratulations on the pass!