Passed my Nclex PN 85 Questions

  1. I have been going this site for very long time.t.I recently took my NCLEX PN , I graduated awhile back and now finally PASSED, I just want to share the experience:

    I came into the testing center thinking did I studied enough or did I over study? I spent night and and day studying. On question 84 during the test, I told myself if this thing shuts off on me, I will pass the test ( I was confident) , right when i selected the answer, poof it shuts off, I was confused/shocked,because I knew if it stops at 85 it usually means you did really well or you just flunked. Then 1 week later, I received a letter from BVNPT, I was like oh no, only a week and i have a letter( given my luck,must be a name issue or something), i didn't want to open it, but when I did, I read "Congratulations you have met the requirement", after 10 minutes of denial then it kicked in, I really passed, I did really good on it. I went into the backyard and cried and cried, some of it was tear of JOY but most of it was for the journey that i have endured to get to this point, the student loans, the sacrifices, they fried brain, the multiple apps and programs, on campus review- online review classes, after years and years it seem to me my friends and family seem to forget that I am a nurse. Deep inside i always knew that I am a nurse, I sworn to Oath during graduation. I never stopped because I knew thats what I am " a nurse". Overall i hope if you have read this just to never give up, and know that you can!!!

    Now I am working on getting my RN

    Thanks HMNguy LVN
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    Congratulations, welcome to the club
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