Passed and ran out of time

  1. I want to tell you about my NCLEX expierence. I went to the Worcester, Ma location which is very nice. Its easy and not intimidating. I was very calm and ready to take test.

    I had 40 Select All That Apply questions, 10 Pharmacology questions, 10 math questions, and the rest priority. I was freaking out because it wouldn't shut off. I ended up running out of time and finished at 245 questions.

    I thought I failed because I ran out of time, but I tried the PVT trick after I receive the email of you took your test blah blah. Got the good pop up. Then again at 24 and then before 48 hours and still got good pop up. I then paid the $7.95 for quick results and I PASSED! This was my first attempt and I was thrilled because that was THE HARDEST test I have ever taken in my life!

    Now every test is different becuase a friend who took same time as me only had 4 SATA questions and 2 math and 2 med questions and her computer shut off at 99. She passed.

    What I am try to tell you is, keep your cool even if it doesn't shut off near 75 keep going! Finish as much as possible and do your best! Everyone is different and every test is different but I do think its true that if you get a lot of high level questions your on the right road. I didnt think I failed because of the questions I thought because I ran out of time but they score it differently. They take the last 60 questions and if your below the line once, you failed. So try your best!
    Good luck everyone!

    **Also, UWORLD is the CLOSEST to the test layout that I have found***
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