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  1. I have mixed feeling about my upcoming exam (#2) which is next saturday...I have been practicing on Saunders and sometimes kaplan CD ( mostly Saunders) and have answered about 4500 questions. I must say I'm doing pretty good as compared to when I first started about 5 weeks ago...but I noticed that I'm scoring in the low 60's in the ANALYSIS category. I read somwhere that his category is one of the most importanat category because this is the critical thinking part of the exam...Now my question is...IS THIS TRUE??? Does this mean I'm not ready and should reschedule my exam??? I am freaking out....Please advise me
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Are you still reviewing the rationales with each and every answer?
    What are the average scores that you are getting on the different sections?
    How do you feel that you improved with your knowledge base from the last time that you took it? Do you feel better prepared?
  4. by   Cntw82BanRN
    The rest of the categories I'm scroing in the 80's and much better when I first started. Then I decided to focus on analysis and assessment but just scoring in the low 60's. I feel that the assessment part, I can handle but its the analysis that I'm having a little trouble on. I'm satrtitng to get sick in my stomach. I also noticed that whe I do the quizzes (10 questions at a time), I score better. And yup I'm still reviewing all the rationales for everything. Knowledge wise I think I'm much better. Do you mind explaining to me the concept behind analysis in a way that is easy to grasp??? If you don't mind...maybe this is where I'm etting in trouble. Thanks Suzanne.