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i take NCLEX-RN on tuesday. any last minute advice? soooo...nervous.....:eek:... Read More

  1. by   jamonit
    yay! thanks you all for your kind words!

    tomorrow at 9 am i will be on my way.

    i feel confident and ready. i'm not cramming, just reviewing some electrolyte lab values. i took the hurst review last month, so things are pretty fresh.

    thanks again!

  2. by   rich2008
    thanks for all the advice.
    i am relaxing tonight. about to watch deal or no deal then try to sleep!
    tomorrow after the test, i dont know what i'll do but probably go to the movies and then my brother invited me to dinner. wednesday i am going to plan on movies all day! thirsday I will find out the results. and i already had plans to do to a brewery with a nursing school freind who flunked out but was one of the nicest guys in the class.
  3. by   newnurse07
    Good Luck Guys, I took my test about two weeks ago and i passed. YIPEEEEE!!!!! But do know those labs as everyone has stated also, know diabetes, Addisons and Cushings. Say a prayer as well the next two days waiting for results will be the LONGESTTTTTTTTTT days of your LIFE!!!

    Nurses Rock
  4. by   brave_heart23
    my tip... a lot of prayers before the exam , then i close my eyes, a relax breathing to calm my nerves... open my eyes and say..... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
    Good Luck!!!!
  5. by   hlfpnt
    Good luck to you today! :angel2:
  6. by   lil-hosp.usa
    Way to go!! That's how I passed my trauma nursing core course. Sometimes you just have to RELAX!!!!! Felt so sick, couldn't worry about the testing.
  7. by   jamonit
    i got 75 questions...felt iffy about it. i think i passed. hopefully i'll find out tomorrow!

    now i am going to just relax and wait....
    tick tock tick tock
  8. by   muffie

    the kid is back !!!!!!

    did yall slay that mother-of-an-exam ??????
  9. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Good luck Jamonit!! I am sure you passed!
  10. by   inkbh
    Quote from RNismycalling
    1. Make sure you know your lab values and you need to have a good understanding of nursing content.
    2. Do nothing related to studying the day before the exam.
    3. The day of the exam, pray and be confident that you have prepared and that God will take care of the rest.
    4. During the exam, don't forget to breath! And one very important tip is to read each question carefully telling yourself that you CAN do it. If you do not know the answer, tell yourself that you CAN figure it out.
    5. Be confident in your ability.
    6. Lastly, before answering each question, ALWAYS think safety: Ask yourself "Which answer choice will cause the patient the LEAST/NO harm?"
    7. Think ABC (When applicable)
    8. Think Maslow (physical needs come before psychosocial)
    9. Take a break if asked to
    10. Breath, You'll be okay.

  11. by   RNismycalling
    Maslow refers to Maslow's hierachy of needs. It's one of the first topic in nursing school. Kaplan shows many strategies on how to tackle nclex questions and according to Kaplan (It took their review course), Maslow's hierarchy of needs is crutial to establishing priorities (on the nclex exam). Maslow identifies five levels of human needs: physiological, safety or security, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. Because physiological needs are necessary for survival, they have highest priority and must be met first. This strategy as well as other strategies are explained in great details in Kaplan's NCLEX-RN strategies for the Registered Nursing Licensing Exam 2007 Edition. This little book cost $35 and has all you need to know about nclex, including practice questions at the end. You can buy it from any bookstore or Kaplan's website. Well worth it. If you do nothing else, try reading this book before you take your exam. You can practically read it in one day...
  12. by   rich2008
    that test was unlike any i have ever taken! i got drug questions i never heard of, neuro exam assessements, and mostly priorities of who you would see/call first. very challenging experience! now the wait!
  13. by   rafRN
    Goodluck to you guys who'll be taking it soon!!!