1. I have a job in NY state at a summer camp for overweight children IF I can get my license in time. Has anyone sent in their application to NY State Board of Nursing to get their "ok" to test for the NCLEX???? If so, how long did it take?

    I am wondering if I should even pursue this....I am supposed to be up in NY 6-16-04 and have NOT taken my NCLEX yet. Does anyone have an opinion on this? :uhoh21:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Best thing to do would be to phone them and ask. I think that you are really going to be pushing it, as this is the busiest time fo the year for NCLEX.

    Good luck..............
  4. by   fairyprincess2003
    Hey there
    I am from NY as well, and they seem to be realllllyyyy slow when it comes to processing things. I graduated in may 2003 and waited like 6 months for my ATT!!!! Each time I called I was put on hold for years and given a run around. Finally I spoke with someone who said it was a mistake and they for some reason didn't process all my materials. Finally took NCLEX mon (and really think I failed) I wasn't in a huge hurry bc I have been back in school working on my bio and chem degrees, but it still would have been better to have taken it sooner!!! Good luck with your camp though, I thought about doing that.
  5. by   fairyprincess2003
    My friend passed her boards about 4 weeks ago and is still NOT listed on the NYS license page. Go figure! I have heard of states that process the next day.
  6. by   teelaticeNY
    Challenging the LPN boards sent in my info on May 19th and got ATT yesterday. Test date is July 21st. So I would say they were pretty good about 4wks, I think it just depends.
  7. by   Ari RN

    I'm from New York. I graduated Jan '04 and finally took NCLEX in May. Can you believe that??? The whole process here in NYS is super S---L---O---W
    The good news is that I passed NCLEX the first time. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!