Ny Nclex

  1. I have two questions about taking the NCLEX in NY (Brooklyn)

    1. How soon after you sent in your appliction where you able to get a date?
    2. How soon after taking the test were you able to get your results?

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  3. by   suzanne4
    It has more to do with when your school sends in your transcripts than anything else. Depends on which center that you are going to as far as what dates that they have available.......

    NY results can be found on www.pearsonvue.com within 48 hours of taking the exam, if you pay the extra fee of I think $7 or $7.95.
  4. by   junglern
    Hey Brooklyn here too, I am Ulices by the way, a Cuban nurse trying to pass the Nclex in my second time soon, I am a BSN outside the US, actually working as a PCT.

    You know more than please if we can meet and look things together before the test in that way i can share with you all my studies, I took kaplan, have plenty of books, and also we can study at the Hospital library, a lot of materials free, you can use it there.

    Drop me a PM, I can explain to you all the stuff about web sites, fees, applications plus.

    Good luck and i am looking forward to study some sessions in team.

    God bless you.

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