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  1. Hello all. I am more of a lurker. This is my first post. I have a problem that am I hoping that someone can give me some insight on. Ok I took my R.N. boards on August 23rd. Found out in 48 hours that I passed with pearson quick results. So I figure in about a week I would have my name and license posted on the BON. My name was not on the BON, so I called and spoke to a woman who comfirmed that I had passed, but a liscense had not been issued due to me not putting down on my application to test what high school I attended. She proceeded to say, "we have already sent out a education packet". I told her I have not recieved any thing. So she said she would send out another. She said that everything should take about a week. So I wait and I recieve nothing in the mail. I call again and I speak to 3 different people who say they have sent out the info and I should have recieved it. Now at this point I am upset, I get all of my other mail. There in Albany im in upstate NY, mail should take about a day to reach me. But they swear they have sent the education info to me. So I asked to speak to a supervisor, they take my # and say she will call me. I recieved no call. So im thinking im going to have to drive to Albany to fix this. I call again asking if maybe they can fax the paper work and they did. So I filled out the required info, had it notarized, and sent it by certified mail, this was yesterday. I checked on line to see if the mail was signed for and it was. So I talked to somone in the nursing dept today. They had not recieved my letter even though it had been signed for, saying that it must have reached the mail room, and to call back tomorrow. So if this does not work I do not know what to do. I can not work without my license I do not think. Has anyone forgot to put information on there application to test and had there license held up? You would think that they wouldn't let you test if there is information missing from your application. Can someone advise me on what to do if im told they did not recieve my letter.
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    Welcome to allnurses! I moved your post to the NCLEX Forum for more responses. Good luck!

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    When I had send my application to NYBON, they send me a letter stating that I had forgotten to send the educational form, then I resend it, but by the time it reach them they had already send my ATT. If you send mails to the PO box it will take much longer, so it is better to send it to the other address, than the P. O box, be patient they will sort this problem out ok. Wishing you the very best.