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  1. hi everyone! i am only new in this forum. i am just curious what is "suzanne's plan" as tip for reviewing nclex test. it seems very helpful. i am planning to take NCLEX early next year and i think this plan will be good.

    please help. thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    plenty have written how they have passed with Suzanne's plan but due to copyright can not discuss it in too much detail. You can find everything you need to do in the sticky New revised first tip for Suzanne's plan. You need to follow it exactly as it is written and ensure you have enough time to do her programme. Have you already applied to a BON for licensure?

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  4. by   worrier
    my application for BON has been approved. i am planning to sit for the exam early next year...i have started with my review already but honestly, a don't find my way strategic that's why sometimes i found myself lost. but i am using Saunders Comprehensive at the moment so i think that will be a good start to comply with "suzanne's plan".

    i will be waiting for suzanne's reply. thanks.
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