Nervous about NCLEX... ADVISE PLEASE

  1. I'm a month away from graduating Nursing School in Texas and we took an ATI predictor the other day. I got a 50% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first time so it makes me nervous about my chances for passing the real test.

    I tried to go through all the posts here on allnurses but so many anxious people and so many people that didn't pass the first time is very depressing and discouraging. I figured instead of spending hours looking through feeds that just overwhelm me I would post a discussion and others can respond.

    My top questions: what did you do to study? (Hurst, Kaplan, NCSBN, ATI??)
    Study books? Saunders (I've heard that's the best), Mosby, um... not too sure what else?

    Any good question banks out there that I must have? I saw a link for NCLEX 3500 and read that NCLEX 4000 doesn't work on Macs?

    If you have an amazing tips/ advise please that you have gathered and are willing to share. Let me know.

    Thanks guys,
    haha it feels very therapeutic just to leave this thread... even if no one will read it.
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  3. by   studentnurse96
    I am in the same boat. I just took the ATI predictor and got a 68%. My instructor just advised to keep taking it and focus on what you keep missing and that alone should be enough. I admit that I am terrified!!
  4. by   a16sRN
    The NCLEX is difficult to study for. Almost nothing I studied was on the NCLEX - very random questions. However, I thought LaCharity Prioritization and Delegation came close. I found Saunders questions to cover a wide array of material, but felt the questions were a bit on the easier side. I also used Kaplan 2009-2010 and NCLEX 3500 (free online) and thought those were pretty good. Like I said I would keep doing questions and focus on test taking strategies. Good luck!
  5. by   dpurta
    I actually already graduated in January and passed my boards in march. Some people I went to school with did horrendously on the ATI predictor, lower than you, and they are current RNs looking for jobs. You need to relax because the more you stress the worse it makes it.

    We all took Hurst review and found it to be great. We all got a lot out of it. Kaplan just really drills you with questions and shows you how to breakdown the questions and answers to figure out which answer it most likely will be. Hurst actually makes sure you know your core concepts and drills them into your head. They also do it in a fun way that doesn't include someone at the front of the room just reading off of power points.

    You do definetely need to study on your own. I used the Saunders nclex review book and just repeatedly did questions from there.

    Good luck!
  6. by   cokorose
    I just graduated from nursing school in June and passed the NCLEX on my first try on July 19th. I won't is tough, but you can do it.

    I studied 30 minutes to and hour just about every day after I graduated. I used Kaplan, ATI, Saunders and even searched for free practice questions online. I think the key is practice, practice, practice and more practice.

    Our program put us through a 3 day review course with ATI and it was wonderful. I suggest just keeping yourself in "nursing school mode". Practice, practice, practice.....
    Good luck .
    just my
  7. by   studentnurse96
    I keep hearing such great things about ATI yet I get so frustrated with it! The tough part for me is that some of the correct answers aren't practical. My instructor keeps saying that when taking these tests think optimal conditions. You are in a perfect world when taking them lol. Tough to process!!
  8. by   meluvsquki
    I just took the NCLEX this morning and Kaplan was the most similar to the questions I got during NCLEX, though I haven't taken ATI (my school switched from ATI to HESI last year).
    I tried the PVT trick a few times and I've been getting the good pop-up!
    I reviewed with Hurst, Kaplan, Saunders and an NCLEX flashcard iphone app.
    Hurst was really great for content and it really helped me understand the patho, the why behind everything.
    I only purchased the Kaplan qbank which was excellent in getting me ready for NCLEX type questions.
    I did use questions from Saunders here and there and although it was helpful in reviewing content, it was nothing like the NCLEX questions.
    Hurst also has a question bank, (6 exams of 125 questions = 6 X 125 = 750), and this too is not very similar to the real exam, although it is very helpful in reinforcing the content learned through the online course.
  9. by   bubblejet50
    i personally did not study and I passed. my last semester teacher was horribly hard and i was not passing my class most of the semester and because of her hard tests (mostly containing critical thinking and select all that apply) i found nclex to be easy and only guessed on two questions. other people in my class used lippencott's books to study. they are very good. do you have access to take ati practice tests? you can do those and also you can pay the $300 to get the ati tutor. they will work with you until you get the "green light" to take your test which means they feel confident that you can pass on your first try. if you do not, they will continue to tutor you for free until you pass the test. also i hear the kaplan reviews work very well. i used the saunders book for my lpn nclex and found the rationals useful. also if pharm is a weakness for you bookstores have flashcards about medications only also. i don't know how long ago you took your ati but if you didn't cover all the material then that could have affected your score also. there were people at my school that scored 95%+ on the predictor test and still failed on the first try. I don't think that it means all that much. confidence is the key. by the time you take nclex you will either know the info or not. don't study at least a day before the test. if you feel confident i recommend do not study two days before and do something that will relax you. you want your brain relaxed and not overwhelmed when you take your test. study a little everyday until then. go until you start to feel overwhelmed and stop studying. you do not want to burn out before the test. good luck!
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  10. by   mmel025
    Thanks for all yalls advise! So many options to look into. I feel so motivated reading encouragement. My nursing education is sadly lacking and I wouldn't recommend my program to anyone. My school forced us to buy ATI but used it once a semester (if that). My pharmacology course was a joke. My teachers mentality was that we would learn drugs once we had our license, so I'm severely lacking in pharm background. Just to give you an example of how horrible it was... our final was a take home that she copied and pasted for Elsevier. Long way to go with studying. On happier news, there was a Borders going out of sale here in town so I splurged on flash cards and books. ($7.99 for last year edition of NCLEX study guide with little to no markings, can't beat that!)
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  11. by   Joe N635DC
    To prepare we used ATI in our program. The school had the ATI crew come in and do a 3 day live review with us. In addition I used the Saunders 5th comp review and the lacharity book. For a frame of reference, I too took the ATI predictors and had a high 90% prediction. I did in fact pass on my first run through, however, I also had 230ish questions. This tells me I was probably straddling the line for a while before it shut off. I wouldnt stop until I had that prediction score over 90%. The problem is however that depending on what ATI products you have there are only 2 or 3 proctored predictors and 2-3 practice predictors. so you will eventually hit a point where you are taking the same predictor exam agian, retaining the information and getting a falsely inflated result which can lead to a false sense of security. Realistically though you need to have the individual unit exams over 70% in each area to be close to ready.
  12. by   kh321
    I got a 40% chance of passing the NCLEX-RN on my first time according to the ATI Predictor. I did 150 questions a day for 5 weeks and re-took the predictor at the end of my preceptorship. According to the retake I had a 90% chance of passing on the first time. I have continued doing questions daily and passed the NCLEX with 265 questions my first time.

    Don't let your predictor score bring you down!!

    Edited to add that I used ATI's website,LaChairity, NCLEX4000, and Mosby's Review cards.

    Best of luck!
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  13. by   Elladora
    I think the biggest thing with the NCLEX, no matter what you study, it doesn't seem like it's on the test. My friend and I went together - she had a ton of mental health questions, I had a ton of obstetrics. I had drugs on the test I had never even heard of, so did she. We studied for the test but not a ton. The book we primarily used by Exam Cram by Wilda Rinehart. We also used the Saunders Review Cards and would flip through them randomly. Same with the LPN Notes: Nurses Pocket Guide by Ehren Meyers. (I still use this - it's a VERY handy guide).

    When I took the ATI, it told me I had an 96% chance of passing yet I walked out the NCLEX exam 110% convinced I failed. (I didn't). Don't put too much into what ATI tells you. I know people that had anywhere from a 46% to an 96% chance of passing that all passed.

    My advice is more test time related. Take your time. Read each question thoroughly. Think about your answer but don't over think it. Common sense is your friend. Take what you know and apply it to situations you aren't sure about. Follow your gut instinct. And most importantly...RELAX. I felt like the testing center was the most nerve wracking place I had ever been in. Take some deep breaths and try to stay calm.
  14. by   Emilynn09
    I used the Kaplan course. They have a money back guarantee. Kind of like pass or don't pay type thing. I passed my first try.