Needing some guidance for the Nclex exam

  1. Hello everyone.
    A quick little background. I am from Montreal Quebec. We do not have the NCLEX we have the OIIQ exam to obtain our license. We only have three tries over here as compared to the rest of Canada and the US with the NCLEX which is unlimited times.
    I failed the OIIQ three times, first time with a 50% ,second time with a 53%, and third time with a 54% (passing mark is a 55%). Of course I was devastated. I thought that my nursing career was over. Until I heard that I can do the NCLEX. I studied, a lot. Bought many of the books that were suggested (Kaplan, Saunders, Lippincott, Remar Review, La Charity) I did pretty well on the majority of the comprehensive exams provided.
    So i thought i was ready for the NCLEX. I booked it on January 4th, I did 247 questions and I ran out of time. I had about 20 SATA questions, 3 drag and drop, about 12 exhibit questions and MANY MANY priority questions..are those higher level questions by the way??
    I received an e-mail the very next day stating that i had failed. Again devastation.
    I have been getting many failures which really brought down my confidence.
    I took a little bit more than a week to just relax and hit the books hard this week. Although I feel lost. I don't know how or what to study and I do not want to spend more money on books and programs. Considering i have spent over 3000$ in exams these past two years. (The OIIQ exam costs 610$ and i did it three times)
    So what I am asking for is some guidance and suggestions on how i should go about it this time around.
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    My suggestion is not to get bogged down with too many books and NCLEX material but choose 1 or 2 books and concentrate on answering questions and reading the rationales to the questions, even the ones you get right. If you find an area where you see to be failing in questions then read up on that area and try again
  4. by   hopetopassnclex
    First of all, figure out what type of learner you are. If you are a visual learner, you can subscribe to Picmonic or the Memory notebooks of nursing or Nursing made insanely easy. I heard they are good to help one retain information. I am planning on getting them because i retain information more when I look at diagrams and mnemonics. Do not be discouraged, you can pass the next time, but try give yourself sometime before writing again.
  5. by   christylee94
    Hey. I am also from Montreal and in the same situation as you. If you are interested, we could email each other to see what we can do together?
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    That would be great! What is your email (don't know if it's on the site, still fairly new to it)
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    Can you give me your email? I'll message you? Idk how this site works either
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