Need advice for study plan

  1. Today I registered with hurst online review. I have saunders 5th edition nd pda. But really very confused from where to start. Please tell me how many hours nd questions I need to do? Can someone here plz tell me how to plan study with hurst review?
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  3. by   Vee18
    I suggest you take the assessment exam on the CD that comes with the Saunders book and at the end view your result and print out the study calendar they make for you, it will list the chapters you need to read each day. As for Hurst that's really great review as well. I studied that along with Saunders (for instance if I read the cardiac chapter I'd listen to the hurst review on cardiac as well so I was we'll informed on cardiac hopefully I made sense invest I'm a planner too. Good luck!
  4. by   raj89
    Thanx for reply.How many ques u do eveyday with hurst nd saunders?
  5. by   Vee18
    I would aim at doing 100-200 a day on the chapter I read that day
  6. by   raj89
    From where do u find the questions of same topic that u studied?
  7. by   bradycardic
    Yup same here where can i find topic to same questions to review on.. ^ i need a study plan guide. Thanks for the info.
  8. by   obloom14
    Saunders Q & A might have some.
  9. by   Vee18
    At the end of every chapter there are questions to review, and on the CD you go to study then click on content and it lists all the topics you can review individually (cardiac, renal etc)
  10. by   raj89
    Thanx obloom nd vee18