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Has anyone passed the RN NCLEX when they were only near passing all subjects??? I got my results back from the state and I was only near passing every topic, not below and not above anything!!!! I'm... Read More

  1. by   totally_lost
    hi "mamaellis2many" if you would like to send me a pm you're more than welcome too!! i don't have enough posts yet to send them but i think i can still reply??
  2. by   michelle.laree
    I used Kaplan. Whenever I came across something I did not know I looked it up and added it to my study guide.
    For me I focused on:
    GI disorders
    Heart and Lung sounds
    Lab values and what they mean
    Fetal heart sounds
    Brain function/cranial nerves
    Childhood vaccinations/illnesses
    Precautions (airborne, contact, standard, droplet)
    and random things I came across and did not know
    A couple days before the test I read through all of my notes.
  3. by   mamaellis2many
    I am new here and have no idea how to send a PM nor what is. let me know and will be glad to. Wishing there was a way for all of us to prep. as the day gets closer, i get more nervous.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    pm = private message and you can send pm's once you have 15 or more posts and use the small icon that looks like a paper and pencil under user name
  5. by   BabyLady
    Quote from totally_lost
    I am using Saunders this time. I used Kaplan the first 2 times and failed both times
    Many people have recommended Saunders so I hope it helps me this time!!! I'm so scared and everyday I lose more and more confidence in myself that I can actually pass on my 3rd try. God I hope I do!!!!!!
    What is very, very important to remember with Saunders (or ANY test guide) that when you go through the questions, even if you get one right, don't say to yourself, "Yea! I got it right"...and simply move on to the next question.

    You HAVE to know if your rationale for answering the question correct was the correct rationale...just like you do when you get a question wrong.

    I think this is where a ton of people go wrong.

    Very often when I look at the rationale...I realize that the reason I choose the question, wasn't even close to the right line of thinking.

    That means, if the question was worded differently...I would probably miss it.
  6. by   MRS-KED/LPN
    15 more post? Does that mean I need to post 9 different subjects or get 15 replies to my original post. Can anyone help with this question please.
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    Posts are either replies or new posts/threads we do ask that posts are useful to the site and if we think it was just a way of increasing post count like congratulation to someone they will be deleted.