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  1. Can anyone recommend a dvd for nclex review? I'd like something to watch while I am working out on my elliptical. I already have a few books but thought this would be a good way to get some extra studying in. The most popular one that turns up on google is drexel university's video/dvd review. Anyone use that or heard about it?


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  4. by   ukstudent
    I think that Drexel has a video nclex review. Check them out.
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    ATI has DVD's you can look through. They have a DVD for maternity, pediatrics, pharm, med/surg (2 parts), and management and leadership I think.
  6. by   miss_cy
    meds video and fauer's mp3 is perfect! ati i got that.- its on dvd. but boring.
  7. by   RNin2007
    ty for the replies! i looked at some sample videos of drexel on youtube, and they were somewhat dry...not sure if it's worth the $350 they are charging. i was hoping someone had experienced watching more of them than what was on the samples.

    anyone else buy the drexel excel dvds?

    thanks for the *warning* on ati, don't want to get stuck with something boring for sure!


    update! 2/5/07 ....
    i went ahead and ordered the drexel excel. if anyone is interested in knowing how these dvds are, pm me or email me in a few weeks and i'll let you know. i will probably sell them on ebay when i'm done with them so i'm not that worried about what i paid for them. the two i attempted to buy on ebay but lost had 75+ bids on them and sold for about $220, so considering i'll get some of the $$ back in the end i think it's a good investment. i just bought them new direct from drexel.

    better use of my time especially since i'm only staring at the tv an hour a day on my elliptical watching something useless...
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