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  1. I just took the NCLEX yesterday, and it was the worst test I've ever taken. It was way harder than the HESI, and way harder than nursing school. My school has a great board pass rate, so I didn't anticipate this to be so hard. I got 5+ pharm questions, and after looking them up when I got home, it doesn't seem I got them right. The computer shut off after 75 questions. Some questions were so complex, it seemed impossible to use any of the testing strategies. Would the computer keep giving me pharm questions if I didn't get them right, or is the NCLEX incorporating more pharm questions into the test? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    the test questions wer very tricky. it is a matter of intelligent judgement. sigh... unfortunately, i didnt do well with the judgement side neither on the intelligent side as well... lol. but anyways, i have answered 265 questions and 75-80% pharma! yes! it is pharma. my weakest side. more on diet, exercise when taking a certain meds, lab test, i even have atleast 5 select all that apply regarding s/s, pharmacotherapy etc of a certain medicine. few pediatric medicines, it seems like unending pharma questions that made me certain that i didnt make it from the moment i went out of the testing centre. rest of the questions wer roughly 5 delegation, no computation! 1 Q about the client's race and belief, more or less 10-15 priority questions like who to discharge, who will remain, kind of room mate for a certain patient, room environment and safety.

    best of luck and enjoy while waiting for the result.
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    Leliah75, did you end up passing?
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    Leliah75, did you end up passing?
    unfortunately i didnt make it. wasnt a very good xmas present since I received my result dec 23,'06. result wer all nearly passing standard. i didnt feel that bad about the test cuz i am already ready for the unfortunate event i felt bad about how i frustrated my family tho. i basically didnt really wait for the result. i am gonna sit again by 1st week of march. i will use suzanne's plan this time. im still hopeful that i will pass.

    it's a learning process... as far as i know, it is always 50% knowledge and 50% luck. better to give the best shot all the time:spin:
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    Did anyone else have such a sinking feeling when they left? Any body have a hard test with similar questions and pass with 75?
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    Quote from WannaBeAnRN2
    Did anyone else have such a sinking feeling when they left? Any body have a hard test with similar questions and pass with 75?

    Yes, when i left the testing center I had a sinking feeling because it seem as though i got a lot of pharm ques. but you have to go back to the test plan of the nclex pharm ques are at least 19% of the test so that is about the right amount of quest. the only hard part about the test to me was that the answer choices were so close. it could have gone either way. i passed with 75!
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    Good News---I am an officially licensed RN!!!
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    yay! congrats!
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    Congratulations! And to answer your prior question, I took the test today, had 75 q and left the site with quite a bit of uncertainty. I think I prepared myself for the test as well as I could have. But I truly wonder if anyone walks out of there KNOWING they passed........
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    Congratulations!!! You need to change your username now!
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    Quote from WannaBeAnRN2
    Good News---I am an officially licensed RN!!!
  14. by   EricJRN
    Congrats on the pass! It's supposed to feel like a very hard exam. The NCLEX is set up so that both passers and failers score ~50%. If you are doing better than 50%, the computer will adjust the difficulty of the questions accordingly. That difficulty level is what determines pass/fail.