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  1. tbonetas

    NCLEX Trouble

    Congratulations! And to answer your prior question, I took the test today, had 75 q and left the site with quite a bit of uncertainty. I think I prepared myself for the test as well as I could have. But I truly wonder if anyone walks out of there KNOWING they passed........
  2. tbonetas

    HESI Exit Test

    I took the exam Wednesday. Our class had to get 850 to graduate, and we all passed. We took the HESI review class and most of us purchased the HESI NCLEX-RN Review study manual with CD. The manual with CD was about $55 and a good investment. It covers all the basics. The CD has 5 or 6 practice exams with rationales. It worked for us, but I think reviewing a decent NCLEX review book and going through as many questions (with rationales) as you can will prepare you. About the exam itself: 160 questions that cover about everything.