NCLEX third time is the charm?

  1. Hello everyone, I will be taking the NCLEX for the third time soon and im feeling more nervous than ever. I graduated more than a year ago and have been working as a care partner along side nurses for over a year as well. Im finding it soo hard to get back into the swing of studying and im not sure how to start. I cant afford kaplan but i have a kaplan review book, a saunders book and the prioritisation book too. If anyone can offer any wordsof encouragement or any study tips please let me know thanks guys wish me luck
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  3. by   Danielle318
    I'm in the same situation. Have you tried Hurst? Inbox me & I'll be happy to share some of my resources
  4. by   carvit3308
    i have tried it the second time around, i didnt care for it very much, it felt too simplified and i just wasnt into it. I havent earned inboxing rights yet, lol. whats your email? Heres mine
  5. by   Galapagos
    Danielle 318 can you share your resources with me please,I don't have too much information to study. Thank you God Blees my email:
  6. by   vnickor
    Hi dear,
    I say just keep practicing questions from Kaplan and Saunders. That way your mind is really prepared for when you sit for your board. It is a tough thing to do, but just hang in there. Remember: This too shall pass... okay?

  7. by   nsgstu
    Focus+Hard Work= keep up with will do great...and I heard NCSBN has a choice of how many weeks you wanna do...and lesser the weeks cheaper the price I think....check it might be within your budget....ok here is the site...

    NCSBN’s Comprehensive Online NCLEX-RN Review Class . NCSBN Learning Extension