NCLEX test mixed up with someone elses test?

  1. Hi, I read this forum a lot but never posted until now. I challenged my test through military experience. I test for CA since I started the paperwork there (now live in TX) Anyway I took the test the first time and got meets standard on every category and failed the test. So I have studied for about 5 months very nervous about retesting. I studied all the sections I did not know last test. This time I took the test and knew 90% of the answers. They were even stuff I studied, it was as if the test was right out of my books I studied. I even went home and looked up some questions I was not sure about and found I answered correct. The test shut off after 85 questions. I told my work I passed and my family too, if felt great. I got my results 2 days ago on Saturday and I failed again, but this time it said I flat out failed every category and below standard except for the safety category which it said I passed.

    This does not sound like my test at all. How could this happen? They were the same questions I have studied and knew the answers to. Is it possible that the test can get crossed with someone else's test since I tested in TX and it was a CA test? I am so lost right now. I can't study because I don't know what I am supposed to do, answer the questions wrong on purpose and see if it says that's right?

    Anyone experience this?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you are concerned about how the test was administered you need to contact the testing center or the test administrators, but be aware that there might have been problems with test mixup when the tests were paper and pencil, but chances are not there when done on a computer. Assume you will be told this when you inquire. Ask, to settle your mind before you get started preparing again.
  4. by   wickedfx
    I am now getting the run around. Nursing board says they don't have anything to do with grading the test or anything on it, they only get the results from pearson. I called pearson and they said the same thing. Told me to call the nursing board.

    Another 35 minutes of waiting.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Well, that's interesting. Congratulations on being able to contact your nursing board.
  6. by   pers
    Thanks for the chuckle caliotter3!

    To the OP, I think it's very unlikely the test was mixed up. I can only imagine how frustrating and disappointing it is to fail after feeling so confident. For your sake, I do hope it was an error but you might want to start preparing to retest because I really don't think that's how it will turn out for you.

    Best of luck!
  7. by   wickedfx
    Thanks for the replies. I understand what you guys are saying, It should be impossible to have computer scoring errors.

    It took me almost 4 hours yesterday looking at the results as if it was a prank to finally have it sink in.

    I know someone else on here posted this as well and I don't understand why we all have the same problem. I graduated top of my class, got awards for it and am failing the test. I think the test might be the problem

    I now don't even know where to begin and how to go about studying. If I answer the questions right exactly how it says in the books, then how am I getting them wrong on the test??
  8. by   pers
    I've never sat for the NCLEX so I'm not sure how to help you. It's been said over and over though, that it's not like other tests and the questions are tricky. Perhaps you thought you got it right but didn't because you didn't answer what the question was really asking?

    Have you done practice questions anywhere? If so, which ones and how did it go?
  9. by   wickedfx
    I have used pharmacology books, as well as 2 different NCLEX study guides that are just questions from tests. Not sure of the names of them though as I'm not at home.

    But I agree with you, maybe the questions are not asking for the right answers, but rather something in specific I might have missed.
  10. by   michelle.laree
    I used Kaplan and Saunders. Kaplan really teaches you how to read the questions the way the test expects you to.
  11. by   snowyRN
    sit down and study the Kaplan book, make sure you read over the rationales to all the answers whether you get the question right or not.

  12. by   annfaith
    Have you tried the Hurst Review? This may be an option. It really helped me answer the questions and made it simple to figure out. Hope this helps
  13. by   jmano
    I felt the same way you did. I took NCLEX a few weeks ago and the computer shut off at 75. I thought I had passed because I never failed a test before. I went to Hurst Review twice and did Mock NCLEX tests and a lot of practice questions. I felt ready to take it. However, after getting my results last week I found out I failed NCLEX on all categories of the test. How is that possible? The questions never got harder like people said, and I was used to getting a lot harder ones on the practice questions. This totally blew me away. I called Pearson Vue, and they told me to call the BRN. I called the BRN, and they told me to call NCSBN. I spoke with a very knowledgable lady who told me to take the NCLEX again because there's not much they can do, except have somebody review your test a third time. I told her I wanted to see my test because I new the answers I picked and the results sounded like a software glitch that messed up my answers. But she told me that wouldn't be possible. What else can I do? I started studying to take it again in about 30 days. I don't trust going back to the same testing center. This must have been a mistake. So I decided to take it at a different testing center. Hopefully this will help. Anyone?
  14. by   shoegalRN
    May I ask what type of questions did you get?

    It is my understanding if you get "knowledge based" questions, you are not doing so well. I was also informed that if you felt it was "easy", it is very possible you failed. Most people come out of the test thinking they failed because the test was giving them the higher level questions, which are considered the "hard" questions. Most of the ones who have had this feeling ends up passing. Myself included.

    According to Kaplan and NCSBN, the test is based on application and analysis. The test is designed to see if you can "critically think" and not "recall information", as in memorization.

    If you got questions that stated "the nurse understands" or "the nurse has knowledge of" then these are the knowledge based questions. This is according to Kaplan.