NCLEX taken today in MA

  1. I just took nclex this morning and this is pure torture!
    I got SO MANY select all that apply questions, and they were so hard
    Are the alternate format questions the ones that don't count?? anyway,
    I got 75 q's and im terrified. So much on there that I did notknow!!
    I did pretty well in school, Im a B student, but those questions were out-rageous! any one with any replys welcome!
    ............And the hospital I work for is holding a position for me!
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  3. by   gerry79
    Good luck! I take the test in two weeks! Any tips?????? I also have a position waiting for me so I feel the pressure!!!!!
  4. by   cherilee
    practice practice practice questions. then , bring a big fat set of darts and a blindfold....
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    Best of luck with your results!!!! I'm from MA too. Let us know when you get your results. I passed with 75 back in July.
  6. by   randybayrn
    I just took my NCLEX this morning too, in California though. I got 75 questions too and 5 were select all that apply. I too hope that they were the sample test questions that are not counted as I do not do well on these. I was surprised at the number of these questions since I only had 75 total. I do not feel that I really really knew any of the answers on the test. It was completely overwhelming. I am a good student and graduated in Dec, but I have no idea if I passed or not. I feel nauseous! I am supposed to start my job on Friday and get demoted to a CNA until I can pass the boards so lets hope that I did. I can't imagine the humiliation. Anyway, what I was really trying to convey here is don't worry too much, I am a good student and usually a good test taker and I feel the same way you do. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!
  7. by   Pucca73
    Blindfolder and set of darts?? It is really funny:chuckle:rollI am going to take the NCLEX on 19th. I practice all day long, but how come I still fell not ready and sometimes even clueless??? I don't know if anyone experience the same.
  8. by   DOBOY
    I took my boards just over 6 months ago and I remeber wanting to cry when the machine shut off best advise right now go have a stiff drink or a cold beer and sit back and wait three days to see if you passed because it will take about that long for the results to be up.
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to you guys. enjoy the wait...