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Hey to all you guys. This was my 5th time taking this NCLEX, and with the grace of God I passed. I give all credit to Him because he kept me even through these darkest times. I found this sight about... Read More

  1. by   luv2shop19mall
    wow.. im so happy for you . .you must be floating in the air with great joy and happines.. well im also a victim of taking it for the 5 th time.. i will take it next week. @least i know the process so well i can greet the employees by there name.. hehehe.. congrats and hope it will be me soon .. for the lvn .. pray for me..
  2. by   luv2shop19mall
    Quote from serendipity05
    I am so happy for you...

    It's so nice to know that someone still believes in the power of prayers. You know what, I recently just joined this site and indeed all who have responded to my thread have been very helpful. After reading yours, I felt like, wow, this person has so much strength which I don't have now. In a way you made me feel bad because unlike you, I gave up on praying. All my life, my faith is what kept me sane, but when I found out I failed, I felt paralyzed because I didn't know what to do. I was so mad, I was hurt and I hated life. I never failed anything this big in my life before. I was always that person who made my parents proud, who prayed a lot and got my prayers answered. Getting my license was all that I've been preparing for and to find out that it all went to waste was so hard to accept.

    Until know I'm struggling. I want to be ok. I really want to but I'm not there yet. In this process though, just know that you inspired me and you are very lucky to work with people who share your joys and pains, and who believe in you a lot! You deserve this.......please pray for me as well. Thanks!
    i was also mad at myself for not passing how many times. just thik of the devastation and agony i have to go through but hey why let a test do this to me.. i am not dumb and i basically can explain .. i just have to boost up my conifdence. good luck with your exam.. this froum has been very helpful for me and succesful.. i wish i can post that i passed on here. i cant wait for that day.. good luck . and remember you are not alone. tehres a lot of us out there that feel the same way.
  3. by   eskayc
    Hi all. I am new here. Just want to say a CONGRATS. I am preparing for for second attempt.
    CONGRATS AGAIN. I bet you appreciate the even profession more now. It takes a whole lot to be Real Nurse.