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  1. Hi guys!!! Any suggestion how y'all make your NCLEX schedule/calendar breakdown to study? Supposed, I want to study for 8 weeks straight. Do you have any suggestion on how i need to breakdown the topics and study material on a 6 days schedule, and every Sunday off? Any idea and suggestion will surely be appreciated. Thanks!
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    First I look at which areas I am weak on that's what I would prioritize for the first two days next is just by categories i.e. Weak in endocrine Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday cardio/gastro, Thursday peds/maternity. You get the gist. Theory and questions review then the rest are questions
  5. by   emuZoe
    Thanks for posting. Very interesting subject.
    I m not starting study yet. working fulltime and mom for toddler.
    Please fellow Nurse share your experience NCLEX schedule/calendar breakdown to study.

    Much appreciated.
  6. by   havehope
    I took a live Kaplan review course and scheduled my test two weeks (I did not work during this time and I had no children) from the end of the review. I didn't study until the review course. I took a readiness test and based that on what particular content I needed to review. So, I reviewed that content and continued taking questions every day. I took at a minimum of 75 questions a day. When you review questions, review why you got them wrong and right. I reviewed all of mine regardless if I got them right. Since you are studying 8 weeks, I would not study 6-8 hours a day. I would study maybe 2-3 hours. Because, after studying so much you will start to second guess yourself. Good luck!