NCLEX Study Guide Question - page 3

Hey everybody, So, my NCLEX test is coming up on Friday (AHHHHHHH) and this will be the second time I am taking it and extremely nervous to fail again, but that's not my question. A few days ago,... Read More

  1. by   erjess
    Wow you had a lot of content to cram into 4 weeks, I am curious if you were able to study everything you wanted and take your Nclex in December? did you pass?
  2. by   ilovecass
    Hi everyone! This is not actually related to the post but I'm hoping that you can help me. I really wanted to try my luck in NCLEX but not sure which state is good for me. I am considering NY and California but I think the latter would require me to have a SSN in which I couldn't have. Is there any other state that you can recommend for nurses from non-English speaking country? Looking forward on your response. Thank you!
  3. by   Prettie
    This study guide is very helpful. I just found this forum today. After taking my nclex this morning, I swear I wish i would've found this study guide sooner.
  4. by   Prettie
    So many of the topics that's listed on this exact study guide was presented on my exam.