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  1. Does anyone knows the best review questions to use for the nclex rn .i just need the right one this time around to pass.this is my third attempt after 2 previous unsucessful attempts.pls can some one help.what about ncsbn learning extension and nclex rn 3500 questions is it good has anyone used it before.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102

    What resources have you already used. I found Saunders comprehensive and NCSBN did the trick for me. I would say a good key is practising questions and reading the rationales
  4. by   KAYBDT6
    SAUNDERS, LIPPINCOTT, DAVIS, EXAM CRAM. Wish you all the best! Kabo!!
  5. by   adetoun33
    Thanks for your contribtions.I actually attended kaplan nclex rn review twice, practised kaplan q bank questions, practised Mosby,lippincort and saunders RN review questions. I think i need something new this time around.right now i am using Rn review questions form NCSBN/ learning extension and i am not sure if this would work this time.
  6. by   joycee8
    I'm sorry to hear that! Reading questions and rationale then writing it down making as a notes and then re read works for me, if i scored lowest on the specific topic, then i will read the nursing content from NSNA Complete Review for NCLEX-RN. i posted on our kitchen, sink/lavatory, bathroom the normal lab values, ECG tracing, Growth&Devt., NCLEX Common Drugs (you can find in throwing facts thread), Drugs according to groups with suffixes and prefixes, and others things that i think is important and hard to put in memory in just one reading, so everytime i go shower for 30-45mins i can read it, everytime i wash plates, cook, etc......then you will find day by day after a month you are familiar or even memorize it already.......and you are not exhausted in doing it because it just need a little of your time while doing something, you will be amazed the result! I've got it from our countrymen who passed NCLEX on first attempt. I hope this help!

    I don't go to Kaplan class, i can't afford! I just do the questions and book.