nclex-rn passed thru self review

  1. i graduated year 2007 and passed our local board that same year....enjoyed my hospital work and didnt bother to take any other exam... until i decided for nclex this 2013... i passed on my 1st try on jan 3...thru self review for a month... i was very surprised because i answered 221 questions with around 50 plus of SATA... didnt expect to pass.... :-)... since its a total self review i used six books the lipincott's Q & A tenth edition, Mosby's 20th edition, Kaplan 2012-2013, Exam-Cram 3 books ( my old books)... studied for 6-8 hours per day... just purely reading and practicing on questions... i answered 150-300 questions per day then i stopped my review by dec. 15, 2012 which is about a month after i started my it... my advice is that just study as much as you want... until u will feel fed up with all the questions... and then wait for ur exam date... dont bombard yourself too much of it coz you will not wind up retaining all the information... dont memomorize just do scanning and familiarize each topic... as long as you have the basic information... it will serve as the basis on analyzing each question... nclex will gauge your critical thinking skills... and most of all pray.... :-)
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  3. by   mbuttar
    Thanks a lot !!
  4. by   plumae
    no prob... just always have 8 hours of sleep and choose the best time for you to study... i think we all can really do it..:-)
  5. by   polomarco
    hi, i just passed the july 2011 NLE in PI too thru self review, i also did the same thing, reviewed for a month and spent atleast 6-8hrs a day reading and answering questions. now im planning to take the nclex here in US and wondering if i can do it thru self review too. any advice?
  6. by   plumae
    do the same thing with ur nlex... take a month again to scan on ur reviewers and notes... 2011 is not so long ago..:-) then schedule your nclex.. dont wait too long like i did... if u are confident enuf then schedule for d exam... i believe that learning differs some would prefer individualize... some interactive like in classroom setting... whichever u prefer to.... it matters most on self-dicipline.... gudluck... i know u can..:-)
  7. by   GracyMae
    Congratulations! Way to GO!!
  8. by   polomarco
    yea i agree with that. thank you then! do you know some books that could be helpful?
  9. by   dnomyer_yoj
    hi just want an idea.... you just took your exam last 3rd of January this year right? so how long did it take for you to know the result of your exam? coz i really feel so anxious about the exam. I scheduled mine on the 15th of february because i dont feel like im ready yet. Thank you!
  10. by   malenurse354
    Congratulations for passing and self review at that!!!Good job
  11. by   plumae
    ur welcome... :-) the books that i used were: 1) Mosby's Comprehensive Review 20th Edition... i used it to review everything by system.... i read it first then answer all the practice questions after reading everything.... and marking the areas i am weak at and reviewing those areas over again.... 2) The Lipincott's Q & A Review for Nclex Rn 10th Edition.. i havent finished it but once you are able to finish the mosby book.... lipincott's arrangement of topic is d reverse of mosby's topic arrangement.... 3) Kaplan Nclex-rn strategies practice and review 2012- 2013 ... it will give you an overall view of the Nclex itself.... the inside of it will help you understand the test and give you strategies in dealing with each question.. and will provide you around 600 practice questions.... i also visited the site *******.com and the nclex 3500 questions... you can access them online for free Nclex rn questions... enjoy your time and read each rationale thoroughly...
  12. by   plumae
    try the pearson vue trick hours after the exam and you will get your result immediately... to view your official result keep on checking your pearson vue account for the quickresults.. it took me 3 days to view my result @ pearson vue.. i took the exam Jan. 3, 2013 a thursday... and received my official result on a Sunday.... goodluck and Godbless to u..:-)
  13. by   plumae
    ty malenurse354
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    ty gracymae