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I have decided to write a post about tips for the NCLEX through my experience. I took the NCLEX twice. The first time I failed with 263 questions, and the second time, I passed with 75 questions. ... Read More

  1. by   NewYorkNurse88
    Quote from happyface888
    Thank your your advice. God bless you for your kindness.
    No problem, Happyface888! Thank you for such a kind post!
  2. by   NewYorkNurse88
    Quote from charnsuka
    This post was everything! Definitely gave me a boost of confidence and inspiration! Thank you!
    Hello charnsuka! I'm so glad that you found an extra boost of confidence and inspiration from my post. Remember you are not alone, and you can do anything you put your mind to! Best wishes!
  3. by   NewYorkNurse88
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    Hi RNswag,

    would it be alright if i can contact you by email to ask you some questions regarding study tips?

    here is my email address:

    thanks for sharing your experience!
    Hi Tryingtostudy! Of course, I will be glad to help you with whatever you need! When you are free, send me a message via I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. by   herglaiza
    Thanks for sharing your ideas to all of us who are still in the process of reviewing and hoping to succeed just like you at the end. I'm currently reviewing and sometimes I would feel down that I might not make it but by reading all these wonderful comments of encouragement, it put me back on my feet and feel confident again. Thank you for willing to share and giving us support.

    I'm wondering, is there any chance you could share your 'infection control' chart to us? It would give us an extra resource as that topic is one of the important once to learn by heart for the exam.
  5. by   RNfrombrazil
    I loved your Post.
    I have just took NCLEX this morning.
    i am exaust.
    thanks for your words.
    you are a really nurse: special, kind, sweet, strong.
  6. by   LittleYogaNurse2
    NewYorkNurse88- seriously. thank you. i literally went through the exact same thing and now here i am a week before my exam stressed to the brim, so i google some nclex stuff and your post came up. reading this has given me a new outlook so thank you. thank you thank you.