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  1. Lovecaring

    Visitors never wear gowns, gloves

    I believe education is always a must. So, just spend some time with the visitors explaining the importance of precautions (universal, contact, droplet...) for themselves and loved ones. Also, as a suggestion, help them to put on the IPE, I am pretty sure they will enjoy the experience I did that with some visitors and they were thankful and said that other facilities they have visited do not really care about precautions and do not enforce the use of IPE between visitors.
  2. Lovecaring

    Contact Precautions and ESBL

    I am having the same issue and since we dont want the resident to be isolated, we are keeping contact precautions for bath and perineal care. She is incontinent though.
  3. Lovecaring

    Chronic Care Professional certification

    Hello, I am going to start the IPCO - Infection Preventionist Specialized Training. Is that the same?
  4. Lovecaring

    Flu precautions in community homes

    She may attend the movie session with other residents if she is willing to wear a mask.