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Hi there, I graduated from an ADN program back in 2015. Just to give you a time line of my NCLEX Attempts: LPN FAIL LPN PASS RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL... Read More

  1. by   divz14
    I am going to take NCLEX on Feb 28 and I am a bit nervous. I graduated from Philippines 2015, passed the board exam a month after graduation and been an OR NURSE for 2 years. Then, now I am ready to take it to the next level. My review materials are Saunders Comprehensive Review 7th Edition, La Charity Prioritization and Delegation, and I already finished my UWorld subscription but with no assessment since I purchased a 30-day only. My average scores are 58-72%. Upon completion of the qbank, I answered 65% correctly in 91st percentile. Is really Uworld a big help right now I am reading over and over all the rationales and questions, I am also finishing the Evolve Qbank but its more on content.
  2. by   JI_mar
    Okay sounds good. I emailed you. Can you please check your inbox or spam?
  3. by   JI_mar
    @meassa thanks for reaching out. I have emailed you. Please, whenever you have the time check your email inbox and spam for my email. Thank you
  4. by   Queendort
    You are definitely on the right Track, I passed with 75 questions on 2/8/18 and used the things you said you're using. Make sure you try to complete as much of the qbank ass possible and know th rationales.
  5. by   JI_mar
    @queendort do you mind if I email you in regards to uworld. I'm a bit lost and in need of some guidance. Please.
  6. by   Gml2095
    Considering you got the good PVT pop-up and the fact that you shut off at 75 questions after studying your butt off. Uh yeah you passed. No questions. Congrats! But you shouldn't mess around with fate like that. Didn't you want to start working?
  7. by   meassa
    it sounds like you are doing all the right things. stay consistent. you scored higher than I did. as long as you know why you got something wrong that is how you learn. keep the grind up and you will pass.
  8. by   meassa
    I was working as an LPN so I got comfortable. Big mistake lol but all is well now
  9. by   meassa
    Hi, I am not quite sure if I received your email. please send it once more and I will recheck.
  10. by   Queendort
  11. by   Dewdrop_me
    I took my nclex second time and didn't make it through. I took Kaplan for practicing my boards. I am an international nursing graduate. any suggestions?
  12. by   meassa
    Not a fan of Kaplan,

    Try UWORLD and Mark Klimek combined. Its lethal and it works.

    ^ thats my email if you need detailed advice.
  13. by   meassa
    I did pass for those who were asking!