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Hello all I am going to be graduating from an RN program in May 07 (hopefully). Anyway it is going to cost about 350.00 to take a review class for the NCLEX. Has anyone done or heard about these... Read More

  1. by   HeartJulz
    allthingsbright-- I def. know the feeling! and dont feel pathetic, if youre heart is in it, then any obstacle will not get in the way, right?! PLus, if you stay extremely dedicated and self disciplined you will get through all of the studying yourself, and pass.. I think that gratification alone is worth it than some measley prep class! Im doing the same thing and I will feel on cloud 9 knowing I did it all myself... Im going toi gain weight in the process from sittin house and hours and have a boring life for the next 17 days but I will havemy license! chin up!
  2. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Well I was the OP for this thread and now I can speak from personal experience. I gave into peer pressure and did the NCLEX review and it was a TRUE WASTE OF MONEY!!! As I found out you cannot 'study" for the NCLEX as there is just way to much information expecially in the pharm department. NCLEX is a test of common sense really, no so much knowledge. You just need to do some reveiw on a computer or book that you buy for about 40-50 bucks and thats enough for most people and know your ABC's.

    Oh and I ended up skipping 3 out of the 5 days and still passed with 75 questions.... waste of my 400.00 bucks!!

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  3. by   ladylikeRN
    Nclex reviews are worth it as long as you get one that is tailored toward your needs. I used the home study Feuer audio CDs and it touched on much that I saw on NCLEX (as they cover frequently tested nursing content).
    Good luck
  4. by   sshannon
    Quote from Sweetooth EMT-P, RN
    [B]Has anyone done or heard about these review classes, are they worth the money???
    I took the Hurst Review and felt it was well worth the $. Passed first go round on 75 questions. If nothing else, it gives you the mental toughness not to blow your cool while you sit there sweating as the questions get tougher and tougher.
  5. by   HeartJulz
    For the VN-PN/RN?

    I did read some of Hurst, I felt it was very informational. Some of the review books seem rather simple... I like digging deeper...congrats btw
  6. by   zaylee
    Thanks sweetooth for asking the question I wanted to prayers have been answered. Thanks everybody for your input on the subject.
    Couple of months ago UOP was mandated by the BON to do a review class because the nclex passing rate is very low. Today I got an email from UOP. They will have a 5 days review course every thursdays for 5wks or 3 days course with longer hours in Honolulu for free. The problem is, I live on the big Island and it will cost me atleast $2,000 (flight, hotel, and food) for the 3 days. (I could go to Vegas instead and have fun). I wondered if it would be worth taking the class for all that money. And another thing is, a computerized pre-test is needed one month before the course and a post-test after. The instructors will be people who are fuculties from their field, Med Surg, Psych, ect...this maybe a good thing but I think there will be a lot of I, I ,I, and blah blah, blahs...I would rather read the book. I am currently doing Suzane's plan and I think I'll stick with it.
    Mahalo nui loa, (Big thank you)
  7. by   FromNH2VAwherenext
    Hi everyone,
    I have heard Hurst reviews are great; however, there won't be any in my area once I go back to NH after graduation in VA...before I move to, well, who knows (as my handle says) -- probably MN. How is the online version of Hurst? Anyone do it? Was it worthwile?