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  1. Hi all,

    Will you please give me some information of a good resource to prepare for NCLEX? And after graduation, how many weeks or months of review did you do before you took the exam?

    Thank you very much!

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  3. by   dianah
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    You might find some useful information by browsing through the threads in this forum.
    Good luck!
  4. by   Des.rn
    Hi JBail,

    As you know and have seen UWorld is a favorite. I used Uworld and my ATI review that was provided from school. I also used the Saunders book NCLEX-RN book as well as the access to the online resource that it comes with. I have seen Hurst in person (my ex used it) and it's great to re-cap your content, however, if you have a grasp on content, then I would not spend the $400 for it.
    Saunders is a great book. It is to the point and summarized. And for $60.00 you get access to THOUSANDS of questions. Once you review Suanders, then move on to Uworld and prepare for strategy style questions.
    I graduated last month on August 17th, I immediately dived into reviewing and doing questions on Uworld EVERY DAY. I am not working, so this allowed me to study as if it was my full time job. I studied in the morning, took breaks and studied again in the afternoon.
    With that being said, after 4 weeks, I took my exam today and passed after 75 questions, one and a half hours.

    Good luck to you! You can do it, just believe!
  5. by   gem22
    Hi Jbail,
    I purchased UWorld for 90 days both assessments 1 & 2. I studied for about 5 weeks M-F and I passed in 75 questions this was back in July. Good Luck!!
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  6. by   Rebekulous
    I did Kaplan online, so I could do modules at home on my old schedule. I primarily learned their test-taking strategy, and then did a bajillion practice questions. I didn't do much content review, I just looked things up if I kept consistently getting questions wrong about the same topic.

    As far as timing: I gave myself a week off after graduation. I started studying that next week, and then signed up for the earliest test date I could get after I got my ATT. I think all in all I studied for a month, and then passed in 75 questions.
  7. by   mmjsc
    Try uworld and remar