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  1. Rebekulous

    california license by endorsement

    That kind of makes sense, if IN is quick at getting you your ATT. If that's the case, I vote for taking NCLEX as soon as you can before you start forgetting stuff. However, I don't think you can apply in CA until after you have your IN license, so depending in the timing of your trip you might still have to work on your CA while you're out of the country.
  2. Rebekulous

    california license by endorsement

    Is there a reason you're applying in Indiana first? If you know you're going to CA, it would be faster to just apply there first.
  3. Rebekulous

    University of Utah

    I just saw this...4.5 years later...
  4. Rebekulous

    Moving to California?

    I just moved to CA from UT this summer. I went to the U for nursing school, and CA gave me no grief about any of my classes. (I was nervous about a couple of the requirements as well.) It took a little over 2 months from submitting my application to getting my license in the mail. I think your best bet is just to apply, and then see what they say. One thing I noticed was that no one wanted to interview me until I had my CA license, so I'd start the process ASAP. Maybe even pay for the temporary license if you need to start working soon...
  5. Rebekulous

    IVs and Tattoos

    Feel for your veins, don't try to just see them. I'll usually also mark the skin once I find one, with a pen/sharpie, so that even after I clean the site I know where that vein is (since you should be touching after you've scrubbed...)
  6. Rebekulous

    ONS chemo certificate

    The ONS Chemo Certificate and the OCN are two totally different things. The chemo course will help you get CNEs to qualify for the OCN exam, but that's really the only connection. No one here will give you answers. You need to take the course, study, and answer the questions on your own. The point of passing the exam is to show you have acquired the knowledge necessary to safely administer chemo. The book provides a lot of information about chemotherapy, and can be a useful reference. Information on content and exam outline can be found on the ONS website.
  7. I'm loving the switch, but I'm also still in the "honeymoon" period, because it's only been a couple of months. Ask me again in a year Utah was not as bad as some of the other places I've read about here, but I can tell the difference in California for sure. Getting a full lunch break -- without having to answer a phone, and having a Resource Nurse to help me out are the top two things I've noticed since the move.
  8. Rebekulous

    Which specialty forum is "telemetry?"

    What specialty forum depends on what kind of PCU it is. Cardiac, Surgical, Oncology, Stroke, etc.
  9. I moved to California from Utah (with no mandated ratios). So far, I'm loving how this is set up. I never have to worry about getting more than the 4 oncology/tele patients I'm supposed to have.
  10. Rebekulous

    Nursing salary in Salt lake city and surrounding areas

    Intermountain and the U will probably be the highest paying in SLC. At a year's experience I think I was making $25/hr? But I think both groups have done multiple market adjustments since then, so I don't know what the going rate is now. It's OK for the cost of living, but not anything spectacular. I'm not sure about Intermountain, but at the U there is no difference in pay between specialties. Certification can help you move up on the clinical ladder.
  11. I agree with the others. Stay a year or two in AZ, and you'll be able to come back as an experienced nurse. Less than that and people won't want to hire you because you haven't hit that "one year" mark.
  12. Rebekulous

    CA RN license help

    The requirements for getting your license are the same whether you're a new grad, or getting a CA endorsement. I would just wait...getting your WI license won't make CA move any faster. The only reason I would get the WI license is if you are thinking about staying there, in which case having that license would make sense. Patience, and good luck!
  13. Rebekulous

    U of U CCI Feb 2019

    I used to work there, and from what I heard the CCI is pretty competitive. You'll be competing with other new grads as well as acute care nurses who want to move to ICU. Good luck!
  14. Rebekulous

    CNA reciprocity to CA

    If it's anything like the wait for nursing, it could be a couple months.
  15. Rebekulous

    Nursing student interested in oncology

    I agree, ONS is a good resource. Students membership is free, and there are a bunch of free CNEs for members.