NCLEX retake taken today

  1. Today i retook the NCLEX and was stopped at 87 questions. last time i took it i was stopped at 155 questions. while studying for the retake i retook the HESI and improved from a 640 to an 860. but the test still seemed hard to me. lots of meds ive never heard of, lots of priority questions, LOTs of teaching questions. had to make quite a few educated guesses.

    im worried i didnt pass again. what do you think?
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  3. by   cmp715
    ....i got stopped at 80 and had the worst feeling about the test... it seemed very hard and i agonized about it the whole weekend and then some more... i pretty much got the same type of q like you got... plus 4-5 select all that apply. after the test i kept telling myself that it's okay.. i only needed to get a little over half right....and so on.... self talk didn't help much lol!
    keep busy and try to stop thinking about the questions...... stay positive.. it's very much likely that you passed!!!! smile, it's almost over!
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    hello everyone
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    I am thinking very positively here for you. I think you probably did just fine this time after 87 questions. R E L A X for a while ok?
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    tonmarchelli.... any news yet?