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:devil: Does anyone know where I can find NCLEX results online??? I took it yesterday and I want to know asap if I passed or not...... Any help would be appreciated....... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Strbkqueen
    A friend had given me a site for Florida that you could type in your name, and ss#, and the results would pop early as 24 hours after your test. She got it off of I have been searching the web site, and cannot find it. Does anyone have the site?
    try this
  2. by   X24lubina
    Hi I'm Cris
    I 'm a Filipino nurse, took the NCLEX recently (Nov. 8, 2008). I also reviewed saunders, actually mine was not the latest edtion, it was a second edition Saunders. I reviewed all the Concepts, Rationales, even made Mnemonics for me to remember them. Luckily I passed for the first time, stopped at 75. before the day of the exam I also crammed some notes and questions from kaplan.
    For those takers, work hard on your review... 1 month would be enough in your preparation process... Focus and Pray
    good Luck
  3. by   erical007
    So I took my NCLEX last week on thursday, and I am still waiting for my results!!! It is so stressful. My exam stopped at 75 and shut off!! I did the pearsonvue "trick" and it didnt let me re-schedule, but my state BRN hasnt posted any results!! how ling does it take??? They told me 2 days, but nothing yet!!!!!
  4. by   BSNRN2009
    I believe that everyone can find out within 2 days after you have taken the test depending on what state u r in and if you took it on the weekend. Everyone in my class was able to call this number and we all found out two days after we passed. what you need to do is go to the board of nursing for whatever state you are in and look for the page the says verify licensure and it should give you a number usually with area code for ur area...and u can put in ur ss#...u do not have to pay for this..or this is also a 1800 numb that you can call i think two or three days after but you have to pay for it so i dont know why you would if you could get info for free.
  5. by   abbybanson
    I took the NCLEX last june of 2009 State of California i still dont have the result what shoul or can i do to verifry if i passed?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from abbybanson
    I took the NCLEX last june of 2009 State of California i still dont have the result what shoul or can i do to verifry if i passed?
    Do you have a SSN and have you contacted the BRN/BVNPT (Not sure which NCLEX you have taken)
  7. by   mhmc_2009
    i took my last may 5 and learned that i passed the exam...took the jurisprudence test 3 days ago and passed but if i verify my name its not long do i have to wait...i applied at the BON of texas
  8. by   caliotter3
    Suggest you call the Texas BON and ask. Your call might speed up the process.
  9. by   miamiusa
    I have to share my experience since I believe that it could serve as a relief to many of you guys who took the nclex. I came out of the room thinking that I had failed the test. It is the worst feeling ever, and you start going crazy waiting for the results. I could not sleep for 2 days. After nursing school you have gone through so much and you just can not take any other extra stress. Don't worry you will do well if you have studied and kaplan is definitely a great tool. The trick really works and it is good to at least decrease the level of anxiety. I read through pages and pages of people who say that the trick worked for them too. It did for me. I know that you would be probably doing the same thing and you will try to relieve your stress by reading posts here and it is not a bad idea. It looks that most of us experience the same feeling when coming out of the test so don't think you are going crazy. It is the nclex after test syndrome. I even read here that some guy had brain farts during the tests, lol. I think i did too, . But at the end I saw PASS and I started crying for like 2o minutes. Happiness, joy and a sense of achievement. I know you all will feel that same thing and I wish you all the best. Trust your common sense and you sense of prioritizing and believe in yourselves. That is my message many more of us.
  10. by   aimon9999
    I m in CA..I dont have ssn in BON and They took my money 200 , to mean i fail ,,,??? I took Friday 21 OCT 2011