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  1. Hey there everyone. Quick question....Here in pa our results are posted 48 hours after we take our exam. When we passed, our temporary permits were "null and void" and our PN license number was listed below. No one in my class failed so I don't know what they do in that instance. A co worker of mine took hers last Thursday and by Sat her Temporary practice permit was "null and void" but there was no other listing with her license number. I even checked again this morning and it is the same thing. Does this mean she failed?? I would think if they voided her permit they certainly would have listed her license number had she passed. Also, if she did fail how long does it take for the state to notify our employer, she is full time and we are going to be hurting if she can't work anymore.
    Thanks for any advice.
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  3. by   augigi
    I'm not sure why you're checking someone else's results... why doesn't she call the BON and ask? They may just be slow updating the website. Could she could pay the quick results fee for Pearson Vue to get results, or don't they participate?