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  1. Hi all, I have a question for you with regard to the NCLEX-RN. I know that for my state (VA) I have to send in 130 fee to apply for licensure. I have to send that in 60 days prior to the first day of the month in which I want to test. So i need to send it in this month b/c I want to test in August.

    So....that being said, when do you have to register for the NCLEX? Is it at the same time? Do you send money in to them at the same time as you do the State boards fees? I'm so confused!!! I have asked my class pres. and hope to get a response soon.

    I've read the nclex handbook thingie that came with our registration form but I can't find anything about the time frame for sending in the money for the NCLEX portion! Yikes! It's probably right in front of my face but I'm not seeing it!


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  3. by   ceres24
    after youve made eligible by your state to where you apply, you can now apply for need to contact your state, every state vary...
  4. by   suzanne4
    Not the case with a US grad. You can go ahead and register with Pearson-Vue now, you do not need to wait for the approval letter. Your schooling is approved for the US in the first place.

    Just register with Pearson-Vue and pay the $200 fee. When they have received approval from your state BON, then you will be able to select a testing center and date.
    For foreign trained nurses: You always need to wait for the approval, as not all curriculums are approved and sometimes you need to make up courses. Payment to Pearson-Vue is good for only a certain amount of time and can expire before you get approval. Such as with NY, the wait time can be more than 8 months or so before you are even approved to take the exam.
  5. by   DimplesRN
    Thanks Suzanne4, I had been wondering about this too.